Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The New 52: Futures End #5 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Brian Azzarello, Jeff Lemire, Dan Jurgens, Keith Giffen
Art By: Jesus Merino, Dan Green
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: June 4, 2014

The Next Big Thing

Last week when it was five years in the future, Frankenstein was recruited back into S.H.A.D.E. so Amethyst and him could blast off into space, but we're still waiting to see Ole Frank in a space suit.  We discovered that Tim Drake enjoys the occasional jog with his girlfriend, and isn't happy to see a new Bat in what he believes to be Bruce's never ending war on crime.  The shocker of last issue was seeing King Faraday trying to recruit Grifter for a mysterious mission.  When Grifter declined the enigmatic King Faraday, he gets shot in the spine for his ingratitude.  Don't worry Grifter fans, Faraday says that if Grifter accepts he can un-paralyze him easy.  So that was a bit fucked up.  Let's see what's going down in the New 52 five years from now and explore our heroes of tomorrow.

Explain It!:

Our story begins with Mister Terrific unveiling his new Terrifitech gadget, and it's a....... a new kind of Twitter?  Well it's a kind of new twitter, but it's in your mind.  Just imagine all your techno stuff in your mind, and or possibly a floating ball that follows you around and acts as a backup mind.  It's one or the other but if it involves Mister Terrific it's usually about balls floating by your face.  So yeah the Usphere is shown to the world, and I guess when it finally goes on sale, people are going to be lining up to by this a week before it hits the shelves.

Elsewhere Grifter is paralyzed and King Faraday tells him pretty much what he told him last week.  Take the job and I'll fix you.  Seems easy enough, but Grifter isn't happy with being kept in the dark, and this small section of the book ends with Faraday telling him that he's going to go off to an island.  What island?  Why I believe it's called Cadmus Island.

It looks like in the future Cadmus has a island for meta prisoners, and at this moment  one has escaped and is running to the shores fighting off OMAC guards.  Now to get you readers all hard and or wet, one of the OMAC's designates her code name Fury, before getting it's head ripped off.  Now for you Earth 2 readers out there you'll know that Fury is the name of Wonder Woman's daughter of that world.  So is it possible that this Apokoliptian half breed is the New 52 Donna Troy?  Well of course it's possible, but is it likely?  I guess we'll just have to wait and see, but that's my guess right now.  Eventually Fury comes across a little girl on the beach, and I don't know what this "small wonder" is about because she was hanging out with King Faraday a minute ago, and now she pulls out heat vision taking down the escaped prisoner.  It's a lot like "The Prisoner".  Oh that's right no one has ever seen "The Prisoner", but if you had you'd know what I was talking about.  Especially when I say it's like "The Prisoner" with OMACs instead of bubbles.

Moving on, Ronnie Raymond has kept Jason Rusch inside the Firestorm Matrix for weeks now, and Jason is feeling a bit numb.  Well I guess it's a bit worse because Jason is actually starting to feel like he's disappearing from existence.  So it's a good thing that Ronnie finally frees Jason, and the two plan on never speaking again, and Firestorm is finished.  Yeah I don't know how Ronnie can really be redeemed after getting Green Arrow killed, and then basically kidnapping Jason Rusch.  Hopefully after a decent night sleep, a little clarity, and a thorough shower to wash the douche off of him, we'll see Ronnie come to his heroic senses.  Jason doesn't waste anytime getting back to his old life, while checking his messages a scientist friend of his grabs Jason to show him the progress he's made on his teleportation machine while he was away.  Oh yeah, only good can come from a prototype teleportation machine.  Ask Jeff Goldblum how well it worked out for him.

In the end we go to Kansas where Constantine has been brought to a few crop circles.  Constantine talks about how it's a killing field and always has been an evil place, apparently some bodies were found at this location burnt with no blood, don't worry because it gets worse.  What could add to primordial evil land and strange dead bodies?  Well as we pan out we see that the crop circle is in the shape of Brainiac's symbol.  So ancient evil and all alien knowledge.  Yeah some pretty bad shit is going down.  That's all I got for our foray into the future this week.  Hopefully next we'll take a look at Frankenstein in space, and the further exploits of Batman Beyond.  Make sure you're here to check it out.

Bits and Pieces:

Even though we're six issues into this series it seems to be taking it's good ole time to get anything going on.  Now don't get me wrong, I've been digging this series, but a clear direction for the main characters featured isn't too much to ask for in my mind.  I know we'll be getting this every week for a year, but having five different characters and only given a small scene for each is getting tedious in trying to follow the story.  Besides for the the possible inclusion of a beloved character into the New 52, I don't really see the appeal to this issue.


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