Saturday, July 26, 2014

Batman Beyond 2.0 #26 Review

Written by: Kyle Higgins and Alec Siegel
Art by: Craig Rousseau and Phil Hester
Cover Price: $0.99
Release Date: July 26, 2014

Who's Behind the Mask

I've been a fan of BB 2.0 since issue one and have sung it's praises ever since.  In fact, this is one of the books that I could be accused of being a fanboy of.  You know what?  I don't give a rat's ass because it's been as good as every word I've used to praise it. However, this isn't the same book.  With Justice League Beyond 2.0 ending it's run, BB has gone to a weekly release and in the process has transformed into a monster of a book.  It feels bigger and more important.  The Mark of the Phantasm story may have just started, but to me, it's just as impressive as a certain Bat story with a Zero and a Year attached to it.  Am I crazy?  Most people would say yes, but I likes what I likes and I really likes this book.  Forgive me if this review is on the short side because I don't want to spoil too much.  Trust me, it's well worth the $0.99 cent admission price if you are a fan of any sort of comics.  Just go and buy it now.

The Mark of the Phantasm story started last week and we got a present/past tale full of fan service and mystery.  Taking place a little after "10,000 Clowns", we are (re)introduced to Jake Chill aka the Vigilante who is fighting side-by-side with Terry.  Of course, Terry has no idea of the sins of Jake's past and the two seem to have developed a partnership that Bruce is already wary of.  The issue ends with the Phantasm making her(?) appearance and it is so awesome.  

I can't tell you how much I loved seeing this story taking place in continuity with one of the best Batman Beyond stories ever.  This week the hits keep on coming.  The issue starts with a flashback that will send Chills down every fan's spine and make them squeal with delight.  Higgins and Siegel give fans so much in a few pages and it is now my favorite part of this whole series.  I wish it was longer (like the whole book), but I will just have to wait with bated breath for more.

The pain is certainly lessened by the fact that the rest of the book is also so great.  The Phantasm and Jake are where we left them and they quickly come to blows.  It's not an even fight and Jake needs Terry's help just to live.  Then shit gets real.  I thought Jake Chill's secret would run through this arc, to be revealed at the end.  Boy was I wrong.  Higgins and Siegel also throw in a little mystery as to who this Phantasm is.  It may not be Andrea Beaumont after all.

The art in BB 2.0 has always been great, but Rousseau and Hester step it up a notch this week.  It's the facial expressions that propel it into the stratosphere.  This issue is full of agony, surprise and heartbreak and the two artists help tell the tale as much as the writers.  

Bits and Pieces:

Batman Beyond 2.0 #26 is a must read for any Batman Beyond fan.  Higgins and Siegel are writing what is quickly becoming a classic. Hester and Rousseau do there part with art that shows the myriad of emotions running through each character.  I really can't find anything wrong with this issue.  It's that good.  Highest Recommendation.



  1. The flashback was cool. I never did like the Bruce/Barbara relationship anyway. It was like both of them had sort of betrayed Dick Grayson. It will be interesting to see what happens next because Terry's entire world has just been turned upside down.

    1. I never liked it either! It just felt dirty to me. Terry's world turned a bit quicker than I ever imagined so I can't wait to see where Higgins and Siegel go with this story.