Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Flash #33 Review

Written by: Robert Venditti and Van Jensen
Art by: Brett Booth
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: July 23, 2014

It's Tricky

The Flash has been one of my favorite books in the New 52.  Why?  Because The Flash is just so much fun.  Whether he's running fast, cracking wise or even showing up late (I know it's cliche, but it's so Flash), I love Barry Allen.  Since Venditti, Jensen and Booth have taken over, the stakes have gone up.  The Flash isn't just racing against the villains of Central City, but himself as well.  He's been ripping the Speedforce apart at the seams and is trying to right his own wrongs.  Mix in Wally West and Barry really has his hands full. The problem is, it's becoming less and less fun.  I'm not saying it's bad because it isn't.  It's just not as fun as I like.  Unfortunately, this issue continues the trend.

We continue getting both present and future Flash.  Present day Barry Allen is working the "mashup" case and he may have a lead that will bust it wide open.  Meanwhile seven years in the future, Future Blue Flash is trying to show the Trickster the err of his ways.  Both stories are action packed and for once a Rogue doesn't die.  That's a plus in my book.

Maybe it's just me, but I'm not that interested in the "Mashup" killer story.  It just never grabbed me and even with the big twist in this issue, I really could care less.  It's more of a means to an end to see Flash do his thing.  However, I am interested in Wally West and after last issue's slight turnaround, I had hopes for the kid.  Those hopes were dashed for the time being after this issue.  Wally may show he is a loyal guy, but he's back to being a jerk.  I so want to love him, but Venditti and Jensen are really making me earn it.

The Future Flash and the Rogues has been a decent story.  This issue we pay a visit to the Trickster.  While he looks too much like Barry for my tastes (I thought it was him at first glance), I liked the story.  It's a tale of redemption before the fact and is clever and cool.  It's funny that my least favorite rogue is The Trickster, but I liked his story the best.

Brett Booth nails it again.  My guess is he loves drawing the future Flash because it looks so awesome.  Even with the Trickster looking like Barry's identical brother, everything in this book is stunning.  Booth would be my first pick in a comic book fantasy draft.  I want that to happen, by the way.

Bits and Pieces:

The Flash #33 is a good issue, but the lack of fun is starting to wear on me.  It just doesn't have the spark it used to.  However, Brett Booth's art is spectacular and a Rogue is in this issue and lives.  Imagine that.  Present day and Future Barry Allen are headed for a head on collision and I know I will be in the front row to watch it.  Just make it more fun.  Please.



  1. I think the coloring is to attribute for the lack of 'fun'.

    It's too dim or something.

  2. Maybe, but for me it's been the drawn out mashup killer case and the grim Future Flash dealing with the Rogues.