Friday, July 25, 2014

Smallville: Chaos #8 Review

Written by: Bryan Q. Miller
Art by: Agustin Padilla and Marcello Di Chiara
Cover Price: $0.99
Release Date: July 25, 2014

 Crisis Management

Spoiler Waring!!!  If you have not read last week's Smallville:Chaos #7 there are spoilers ahead.  Spoiler Waring!!!

Last week, we got a little more of the Eclipso story, but everyone came ways from that issue with one thing on their mind...Darkseid. Yes, he didn't do much except sneer at the camera, but what a sneer.  From that second, I waited with baited breath for this issue to be released.  It's here, I've read it and yes, Darkseid is in it.  However, he's not the best part of this issue.  If you've read my past reviews, you may guess who I thought was.

It's Lex Luthor, of course.  Bryan Q. Miller continues making him the best thing since alien tech, by making him such a complex character.  What he is doing this week (and to whom) is awful, but Lex explains it in a way that makes you still want to like him.  I can't explain it fully.  Miller makes him a despicably likable character.  If there was any doubt that a crisis was on the horizon, Lex seals the deal.  Actually, typical of Lex, he makes Otis do it for him.

Then we get to see Superman, Darkseid and Lois.  They start a battle to wait, they actually talk.  That can't be good, right? Actually, it's pretty awesome.  I won't spoil what they talk about, but in the end, Miller gives the reader a cliffhanger that is great beyond this one issue.  It's one of those moments when you just shake your head "yes" and smile.  Then you think how it will come back and bite the Universe in it's proverbial ass.

After a bit of a letdown last week, Padilla and Di Chiara do a good job in this issue.  I still don't like the look of Superman, but it's not as distracting here.  While there is no standout panel. everything looks pretty good overall.

Bits and Pieces:

Smallville: Chaos #8 gives the reader two great stories.  Lex is about to cause a crisis and Superman and Darkseid make a deal.  Both stories are great while the art for both is good.  Bryan Q. Miller usually gives the reader an "I can't wait until next week" cliffhanger, but this one goes deeper and may have far reaching implications.  I know I'll be reading when and if it does and so should everyone else.  Highly Recommended.


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