Monday, August 18, 2014

Just For The Hell Of It Mondays: Grayson

This week's Just For The Hell Of It Mondays we'll be looking at a trailer for a fan film entitled Grayson, where our heroes live in a world where Batman has been murdered and finding his killers are a grown Robin's driving motivation.

This is a really cool looking fan film and the characters that they threw in are awesome.  Look's like everyone in Gotham and the Justice League came out for this sidekick's feature.  After watching this trailer I really wouldn't mind watching a full out fan made film, but the creators have said that without DC's backing this will merely be a trailer to a film that could of been.  Oh well, that doesn't stop me from loving fan made projects and Robin.  Now I've gone on and on about how Tim Drake is my favorite Robin, but I could really get behind a Dick Grayson film in the future.  You know like after Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice hits at the box office and opens up the doors for an unlimited amount of heroes from the DCU to come out into the spotlight and take Hollyweird by storm and pretty much rob us at entertainment gun point and have us saying "thank you" while throwing our money at them.  Yeah it will be that intense after 2016 and I hope that it will be DC's turn to stand in the sun and say that Marvel movies don't have shit on them.  It could happen.  So while we wait for our favorite heroes to have their time on the silver screen, let's sit back and watch this really bad ass fan made trailer, Grayson.

Let's hope that the creators, Untamed Cinema will change their minds in the future and put together a Grayson film anyway because even if DC won't back something, it doesn't mean the fans won't.

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