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Weird Science DC Comics News: Week of August 13, 2014 Edition

Hi there party people.  Welcome to another edition of Weird Science DC Comics News.  I have been pretty lazy the past couple of weeks, but there also hasn't been a ton of news.  Well, I'm back and ready to report on stories that everyone already has.  I'm good like that.  In personal news, I'm having Beans on Toast for lunch and then Chili for Dinner. So, if you are in the Quakertown, PA area and see a brown gaseous!  I know that I write about food all the time, but I had the new McDonald Shake Fries yesterday.  I had the Ranch and my son, Raef, had the Buffalo.  Mine tasted like Ranch Doritos which I'm a fan of, but by the end of the bag, I was pretty sick of them.  Raef liked his even though they were a bit too spicy for him.  Overall, I'd give the Ranch a 6/10 and Raef gave the Buffalo an 8/10.  I am allergic to garlic so I can't have the Parmesan Garlic flavor, but Raef is going to try them next week.  If anyone from McDonalds is reading this, when are we going to get real flavors like Cheddar Cheese, Bacon and Cheese, Nacho Cheese and BBQ? Get on it, guys!  What?  You didn't come here to hear about Shake Fries?  Okay...

On With the News

Soule Out, Tomasi In

Superman/Wonder Woman changes creative teams in November.  Charles Soule and Tony Daniel are making way for Peter Tomasi and Doug Mahnke.  I have loved Soule's run and it upsets me a bit that the end is tied up with the Doomed story.  Don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed Doomed, but the story seems to have hamstrung Soule and the great Superman-Wonder Woman story he was telling.  I have recently given up Batman and Robin review wise, so it's nice to get a Peter Tomasi book again. I'm sure him and Mahnke will do a great job, but I'm going to miss Soule and Daniel. Superman/Wonder Woman comes out November 12th.

Justice League 3000 Gets Blue and Gold

I mentioned in my last review that Justice League 3000 is my guilty pleasure.  For the uninitiated, it takes place in the year 3000 (duh!) with a Justice League "created" from the DNA of the old heroes.  It is so much more including great fun.  It's about to get even more fun.  Keith Giffen recently announced that the Pre-52 Booster Gold and Blue Beetle are joining the team with issue #12.  I can't wait. Throw in Guy Gardner and they may have the best book ever!

Jason Momoa is Officially Aquaman

Great.  I'm getting sick of this story.

John Romita draws Superman

Actually, issue #34 features two...Romita Jr. and Romita Sr.  Yes, the 84 year old legend is drawing his first ever Superman cover and the his first DC art of any kind in 50 years.  If you ask me, the old man still gots it.  Gots it good.  On a side note, I listen to the Comic Vine podcast each week and they complained that DC gave this story to The Hollywood Reporter and I fully agree.  This story should have been pretty big news, but it just died on the vine.  Why give it to a site like The Hollywood Reporter?  Next time, give it to, say a little site with two writers struggling to make a name for themselves in the online comic biz.  Of course I'm talking about Johnny and Frankie's Comic Blog of Plenty.  I love that site!

Gotham by Midnight

Eric already wrote an article (here) about this, but I figured it was big enough to talk about again.  DC announced this week that Ray Fawkes and Ben Templesmith would bring fans a Gotham book featuring Jim Corrigan/The Spectre.  If you have been keeping up with Batman: Eternal you will already know that Fawkes' story line involves Corrigan teaming up with Batwing in the most mystical arc in the Eternal weekly.  I have enjoyed the Fawkes' issues of Eternal, but I'm giving this book to Eric for review.  He loves that dark, mystical stuff.  The series begins on November 26th.


Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman should feature more Wonder Woman...Peter Tomasi will be off of Batman and Robin by 2015...I really enjoyed Matteo Scalera's art in Batman this Month...I don't like parfait...I'm looking forward most to Infinity Man and the Forever People #3 this week...Batman Beyond 2.0 is my favorite comic out right now...I am always starving...

Another Week, Another News.  Jim "Is there garlic in that" Werner

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