Sunday, August 17, 2014

Tiny Titans: Return to the Treehouse #3 Review

Written by: Art Baltazar and Franco
Art by: Art Baltazar
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: August 6, 2014


I know that most of you reading this right now are not little kids.  I am far from a little kid, myself.  You know why I love Tiny Titans?  Because it makes me feel like a little kid again.  Yes, I enjoy the New 52 with it's mature story lines and dark and gritty heroes, but sometimes I like to lay on the floor, kick my feet up and read Tiny Titans.  If I had enough hair, I'd probably twirl it as I read.  I guess if you have kids, you could also get this book for them, but do yourself a favor and read it with them.

By issue three, it's no surprise how each issue breaks down.  The Titans visit an iconic hero of the DC Universe and ask them for a new Treehouse.  I know that doesn't sound like the makings of a great book, but it's the journey not the destination that makes it so much fun.  This week, we get the Shazam Family as the Titans visit the Rock of Eternity.

Robin is the star of this issue.  Every kid wants to be a superhero, even when you already are one.  When Billy Batson turns into Shazam, everyone is in awe.  Especially Robin.  However, he doesn't seem to get the concept that in this instance, the clothes don't make the man.  It's hilarious and gets better when everyone gets involved in the Rock of Eternity's "unpredictable" magic.  It's a parade of characters that's so much fun.

Speaking of fun, we are also treated to the "League of Just Us Cows", some magical snow cones and a running joke involving The Wizard.  In the end, the Tiny Titans get another Treehouse that isn't quite what they were looking for.  

Overall, this is another great issue.  It's cute and funny, but Baltazar and Franco make sure the characters still ring true.  Also, you will never find a better way to introduce Etrigan to your little ones.

Art Baltazar does such a good job with the character designs in this series.  Like the characterization, they are cute, but accurate representations.  They also make me smile just looking at them.

Bits and Pieces:

Unless you are a jaded and cynical ogre, this book will make you smile.  It's one of the best all ages books out there and by all ages I just don't mean for kids.  Baltazar and Franco do such a good job, everyone can enjoy it.  Recommended.


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