Sunday, August 10, 2014

Justice League 3000 #9 Review

Written by: Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis
Art by: Howard Porter and Chris Batista
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: August 6, 2014

Hal 3000

Justice League 3000 is my guilty pleasure.  Even when an issue hasn't hit the mark, I still enjoy it.  I can't help myself.  It's a fun title with great dialogue and wonderful art.  Yes, the story has moved at a snail's pace and it's convoluted to say the least, but it's such a unique title that fills a void in the New 52.  It has taken the place of such titles like Dial H and Threshold that sadly went the way of the Dodo much too soon.  Hopefully, JL 3000 will stick around longer because Giffen and DeMatteis deserve it.

This issue is split into two parts.  They're both good, but the first one is a little bit better.  I said "little" because it features mini Hal Jordan.  He's been such a highlight, but he's had it up to his little eyeballs with Locust.  He once again shows that heroes come in all sizes and sacrifices himself to save the League. Then he gets down to business.  It's a tiny Green Lantern versus a god. Locust is overconfident and Hal has done his homework.  It may only be round one, but I give this one to Hal.

The second part deals with Teri who recently was killed by her Wonder Twin brother, Terry and resurrected as the Flash by Ariel Masters.  That may be the craziest sentence I've ever written.  She has to get to her brother before he detonates the bombs in the League's necks so they can escape.  Second craziest sentence.  Her and her brother have some great back-and-forth, but in the end it takes Superman to save the day.  I usually put "jerk off" before Superman in my reviews for this book, but not this issue.  Maybe he's growing on me, but here he's funny and pretty awesome.  The book ends on a cliffhanger that's not surprising, but promises the end to this long arc.

Overall, the story maintains it's slow pace, but everything in this issue is just fun.  The action was intense and the dialogue was great. Mini Hal is the star and  I hope that Teri sticks around as the Flash.

The art was a two artist affair with Howard Porter doing the first story and Chris Batista filling in on the second.  Howard Porter is one of the main reasons I love this book so it's no surprise I prefer his art.  His unique take on the future and the Justice League fits the story so well.  Chris Batista has a cleaner style which is okay, but it's just not Porter.

Bits and Pieces:

Justice League 3000 #9 is a good issue that may not advance the story a whole lot, but was tons of fun.  While new readers won't know what the hell is going on, Giffen and Dematteis keep rewarding those there from the beginning.  This arc is coming to an end next month and I can't wait to see what happens.


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