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Top 5 Fridays: Top 5 Superboy Costumes

The other week I did a list of Robin costumes in the New 52 and it seemed to go over rather well.  With that in mind I thought to myself, what else could I do that's along the same lines and be relatively easy to jive with my lazy demeanor?  Well as you've already realized we'll be dealing with Superboy's costumes and while we haven't had a huge wardrobe change like the Robins in the New 52, we do have an entire history of the character to pick and choose costumes from.  This week we saw the last issue of Superboy not including next month's event title Futures End Superboy because I simply don't include it and I figured we'd honor the Boy of Steel's series run and use this Top 5 time to talk about Kon-El and his other iterations that have flown throughout the DC Universe.  So get ready to check out the Top 5 Superboy Costumes.

#5.  Kon-El's Containment Suit

Now this is the New 52 revamp costume we're dealing with here and the reason it's #5 is because while at times I can deal with it and think it's alright, other times I feel it's just a bit too busy.  Yeah we all know that Superboy looks good in black and red, but come on, he ends up looking like a super villain more than a hero sporting this costume.  I don't know, maybe it's just the red color because in the last issue of Superboy he was sporting a black and grey variation that seemed pretty cool and no that costume will not be appearing on this list.  But you should totally do the work yourself to go and check it out.  

#4.  Superboy Prime

Suck it Jon Lane Kent, here's the original evil Superboy and what an evil Superboy he was.  While this character began his career in a simple Superman costume, he sure spruced up his wardrobe when the Flashes attempted to trap him in the speed force.  Now don't ask me how it all works but when Superboy Prime returned he was sporting a badass Anti Monitor armor and boy did he continue to kick some ass.  While I do enjoy his Sinestro Corps get up, I had to give it to his first original iteration of his bad guy Superboy persona.  I loved the idea of this character when Infinite Crisis came out, but I doubt we'll be seeing him anytime soon in the New 52 and if we do, I'm calling shenanigans.

#3.  The Metropolis Kid

I don't get it, I really don't.  Somehow Kon in his 90's get up is so badass to me, even though he looks like Donnie Wahlberg from New Kids On The Block.  I don't know if it's just because I was a young impressionable boy when this Superboy hit the pages of DC Comics, or I'm just a closeted huge fan of the 80's boy band, but I love this costume nonetheless.  Look at that double belt that's hanging like it doesn't serve a purpose.  I'll let you in on a little secret, it doesn't serve a purpose and that's what makes it cool and hip.  I might just be neurotic but looking at this Superboy makes me wish that this style would come back even though I'm not sure this particular style ever really existed.  After this list is done, I'm pulling out my leather jacket and my over sized cuffed gloves, I don't know what that has to do with Superboy, I just wanted you to think about that........ because that's all I'll be wearing.  You guys are creepy, knock it off.

#2.  Jon Lane Kent

I just want you to know that when Superboy switched from Kon being the main character to Jon Lane Kent I was furious.  I couldn't imagine how a comic about Superboy could be fronted by a psychotic murderer.  Well as it all turns out, it couldn't and now one of my favorite titles is cancelled and I'll be spending the next few days crying while singing happy birthday to myself in the corner.  Don't think too hard about it, it's just something that happens.  But back to Superboy, as much as I hated the character in the beginning, by the end I had some respect and a little bit of love for this misunderstood Superboy and on top of all that he had a kick ass costume.  It's almost like a modern version of that 90's outfit and I really dig it.  Hopefully *SPOILERS* now that Kon is back alive, he'll honor Jon Lane Kent for the sacrifice he made and start sporing this costume in whatever comic he might show up in next.  Hopefully soon, because like I said I love this character.

#1.  Kon-El T-Shirt and Jeans

This is kind of obvious and I'm pretty sure that this is everyone's favorite Superboy costume.  Like I said about his New 52 containment suit, Superboy just looks great in red and black, it's the same thing here just simplified and given a pair a jeans that tells the readers that he doesn't give a fuck and that he's possibly down to party.  Maybe it's the fanboy in me that makes me think that if I didn't hate moving so much, that I could actually look like Superboy and all it would take is a tight pair of jeans and a T-Shirt.  But alas there's that terrible exercise thing that's holding me back, that and a bad boy "I just got out of bed and I don't care what my hair looks like" attitude.  This is the Kon we all know and love and while I've previously said how I'd like Kon to sport a Jon Lane Kent costume, I'd be just as happy if he just went back to this classic look.

That's it for this week's Top 5 Fridays and as always if you think a costume should be on here that isn't let me know, unless it's the original one that's just a smaller Superman costume, because that shit is weak.  I apologize that I didn't go all in depth with each position like I normally do, it's just that Superboy has one of the most confusing back stories due to all the Crises that kept shifting and changing this character and frankly I just didn't want to get into all that nonsense.  All in all, Superboy's final issue was this week and I wanted to do something to give this series a nice send off and I think this will due just fine.  Have a wonderful week and I'll see you in seven.  Boosh!

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