Thursday, August 14, 2014

New DC Title Announced: Gotham By Midnight

It was announced today that beginning on November 26, we'll have yet another title to the New 52 lineup, in the form of Gotham By Midnight, written by Ray Fawkes and art by Ben Templesmith.  It's a supernatural spinoff of Batman Eternal, featuring Jim Corrigan leading a team of cops against strange things that the police and Batman can't really deal with.  For any of you that have been reading Batgirl over the past few months you'll know that Gotham has started to become a bit of a spooky place outside of it's normal lunatics and murderers and to answer that call we'll have Jim Corrigan and his team bumping in the night like a BPRD or an X-Files.  Even though Corrigan is the host of The Spectre, Ray Fawkes says that the series will have Jim dealing more with things, so that The Spectre doesn't have to get involved with all his wrathfulness.  So on top of G.I. Zombie I guess we'll have a new horror title starting in November and while I'm a fan of horror comics, I think I'd rather have a Spectre series, but I'll wait and see before I make any judgments.  One little gripe though is that it seems like all these new titles have to deal with Batman or Gotham and it feels like the New 52 is already over-saturated with these two elements.  Hopefully it's good and lasts because DC's Dark titles seem to be dropping like flies.

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