Sunday, September 28, 2014

Five Questions With...Pop Mhan

There are a couple benefits of doing a website like ours.  Long hours of work for no money, people laughing at us when they find out what we do, no free time at all...wait a minute, all of these aren't benefits.  Why the hell do we do this?!?!  Well, one of the real benefits is getting to talk to some of the creators of our favorite books.  It's even better when they end up being nicer and cooler than we ever would have guessed.  One such guy is Pop Mhan.

When we review a book or write an article, we put it up on Twitter and it makes us so happy when a creator retweets it and to a lesser extent favorites it  (why won't Geoff Johns retweet anything I do!?!?!), but from the get go, Pop Mhan actually talked to us.  Us?!?! Two idiots from Quakertown who read comic books for a nonliving.  The best is, he gives Eric shit for his reviews on He-Man and the Masters of the Universe which is hilarious.  We truly consider Pop a friend of our site and when we came up for the idea of Five Questions With...we knew we had to get him on it.  Well, the time is now and I'd like to thank Pop for doing this and for being a great guy in general.  Now, if I can force Eric to give He-Man a 10/10 to keep up with my side of the bargain...

1. What are you working on now and/or is coming out soon?

I am currently working on He-man:Eternity War #1! 

2. Your art on He-man and the Masters of the Universe and DC Universe vs Masters of the Universe has been so good, Tell us your history with He-man.

You're too kind! I've been working on He-man and the Masters of the Universe since Sept of 2012 - two years, exactly! It's been a fun ride and the more I work with Mattel, the more I really LOVE working with Mattel. What a fun bunch!

3. Can you eat more chicken wings than DC Comics champ, Justin Gray?

I want to say yes but I puke after about twelve wings... so I'm guessing - no.

4. What Wildstorm character do you wish DC would bring into the New 52 and why?

Well, my favorite Wildstorm character is Grifter and they do have him in the New 52 so... Zealot? Is she in the New 52?   She's rad. 

5. What was it like working under Jim lee?

Uncomfortable and a little weird. I mean, I get that I'm like, a big bean bag chair but dude, c'mon.

6. Pop! What is best in life?

The understanding that it's too short to take it too seriously.

7. Describe the worst Transformer ever.

Any Beast Wars one. OR... The Transformers that transform from a robotic animal TO... *drum roll* a Robot with claws and animal legs. 

8.What is your second favorite video game of all-time?

Any Resident Evil or Final Fantasy game. Both tied for second place. Love! 

Thanks again to Pop and I'll see you all next week.

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