Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Green Lantern #35 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Robert Venditti
Art By: Billy Tan
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: October 1, 2014

Time To Get Spanked

Here we are with Act 1 Part 2 of GODHEAD and man what an issue we're about to get into.  Leading us here is this week's beginning to the story Green Lantern/New Gods: GODHEAD #1 and man did it set a stage.  After searching for the Life Equation for what is a long time for a God, Highfather finally finds a clue by communing with the petrified Relic in the Source Wall, who spoke of a Lantern that breached the wall and discovered it's secrets within.  So Highfather decided to gather all seven rings of the emotional spectrum to use in a device to breach the wall himself and discover the Equation that would finally end the war between Darkseid and himself.  Only problem is that the device that harnessed the rings power didn't work the way they expected, so it's off to find the mythical White Lantern and see what secrets he holds.  So yeah, a big assault against all the seven Corps across the universe, you know that won't go unanswered for.  So let's check out this next part as we begin our journey into this long long crossover.  Let's dive in.

Explain It!:

Our story begins terribly.  No I'm serious the freaking story begins with a whole bunch of our Green Lanterns floating dead in space and Hal Jordan even having his arm cut off.  That's not the way we start a story about my favorite hero......... It's just rude.  But they try to calm us down by having the caption "SOON" and then we go back in time to right after Mogo was attacked by Orion and Metron.  But I'm not calmed down, because that tells me that that shit is coming and apparently "SOON".  I'm already stressed out about what I'm going to be for Halloween, I don't need to worry about the Green Lantern Corps floating dead in space........... Come on.

Anyway, we go back in time and Hal is trying to figure out what to do about Mogo going dormant after his ring was stolen by Orion.  Everything is about to go to hell, but our Lantern heroes figure out that the thieves wound up on a planet and from the energy signatures they discover that they have stolen every other ring of the emotional spectrum as well.  Hal dispatches John Stewart to assemble a team and go out to that world to make sure it's populace is okay and I don't envy what they are about to see.  It's going to be bad, as we saw in GODHEAD #1 where Highfather used the power of the rings to try and turn the people there into new New Gods, but turned out making them into abominations before he had them slaughtered.  So yeah, John's probably about to go step in some gross.  

While the Green Lanterns are trying to figure out what's going on the New Gods go back to the Source Wall to ponder their next step in achieving the Life Equation.  Pretty much they have to find Kyle.  So Highfather goes back to New Genesis and puts Metron and Orion in charge of his soldiers and in charge of finding the White Lantern.  Metron uses a device to tap into the Green Lantern ring and hacks into the Corps' computer system.  Hal realizes through the hack that they are trying to find information on Kyle and tracks their signal back to the Source Wall and man was that a big mistake.

In the end Hal and a bunch of Green Lanterns show up and get their asses spanked hard.  

It seems that the green light of will has no real affect on the New Gods and as they Boom Tube back to New Genesis with the information about Earth and Kyle Rayner they got from the GL computer, Hal see's that there's a whole army of these guys and things get really bleak.  The only thing to do now is something that Hal never thought he'd do.  It's time to go ask Sinestro for help.

The story is really heating up and can only get more epic from here as we wait for that awful future that "SOON" promised us in the beginning.  Please don't cut off Hal Jordan's arm............ Please.  Make sure you're back here for the next part in Green Lantern Corps #35 as I can only suspect that John Stewart finds some gross stuff and hopefully we get more ring slingers getting involved.  See you then.

Bits and Pieces:

That's it for this chapter of GODHEAD and I don't know if it's the fact that I was really hyped to read the next chapter after finishing the grand start of the story, or if it's because this issue wasn't bogged down with a shit ton of artists, but I enjoyed it even more.  Billy Tan's art is so good and that coupled with the always brilliant colors of the book just makes Green Lantern a privilege to read.  Shit's getting real here folks and you won't want to miss all your favorite Lantern Corps try and stand up against the power of the New Gods.  Go check it out and be completely shocked by the beginning to this story.



  1. Was there an issue I didn't read where we got to see Mogo's ring stolen or did they just leave that up to us to imagine?

  2. It was in the over sized GODHEAD #1 issue. The New Gods got Mogo's ring when they took Saint Walker's