Friday, October 3, 2014

Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #8 Review

Written by: Neil Kleid
Art by: Dean Haspiel
Cover Price: $0.99
Release Date: October 2, 2014

Master of None

Until last week, this book was nailing it week after week.  It has been a celebration of Wonder Woman, but also her fans as well.  Since I'm one of them, it made me feel good to finally have a fun book with my favorite Amazon that I could recommend to others and spread the joy.  I did say "until last week" and anyone who read last week's issue should know what I mean.  However, the great thing about a book like this is even the worst story can be replaced in a week or two and all is right again.  That's the theory at least.  This week we get a new creative team, an awesome retro look and yet another bad issue.  It is only a one shot so let's cross our fingers that next week bucks the trend. Wonder Woman and her fans deserve better.

This issue really struggles to find it's direction.  Is it a tribute to the early days of Wonder Woman because it certainly has the looks.  Is it a girl power issue stressing we are all beautiful inside because it has a bit of that.  Is it a Deadman story because I can believe that. It's all those and about five other things.  One thing it isn't is good.

It's an all over the place story featuring Ra's al Ghul, a purple raygun, Etta Candy and Deadman.  The characters and dialogue are weak, but it doesn't really matter much because the story is weaker.  In the end, it turns into a lesson on religious tolerance, but by then I had already checked out.

I did like Dean Haspiel's art.  I liked it alot.  The retro look was great, but I never got the idea that it fit the story at all.  It just seemed to be there to look cool.

Bits and Pieces:

I can't recommend this issue of Sensation Comics.  It has a really cool retro look,  but the art doesn't fit the story, mainly because the story is all over the place.  It's as if Neil Kleid had five ideas and just crammed them all together.  It doesn't work and only results in a jumbled mess that will be forgotten the minute you finish it.  Better yet, just skip it and hope for something better next week.


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