Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Harley Quinn #12 Review

Written by: Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti
Art by: John Timms and Chad Hardin
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: November 19, 2014

Infinity Rings...and Beyond

I love Harley Quinn and this book has been such a consistently funny read with it's in-jokes, pop culture references and potty humor.  However, a fan can't live on fart jokes alone and after all these issues, the one thing that has eluded this book is an ongoing story. Enter Power Girl.  Her and Harley have been such a great team and guess what?  Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti have used the two of them to give the book the best story since the book started.  I wish "Pee Gee" could stay in this book forever, but when she leaves, fans will always have this awesome arc to read over and over.

Last issue ended with Harley and Power Girl running into Sports Master and Clock King after an awesome clothes shopping montage.  Sports Master?  Really??  That's enough for me to love this issue in itself, so when they quickly get teleported to an alien world, I was so disappointed.  That is until their new surroundings sunk in.

The two are instantly declared slaves by an Alien Queen who has an Earth man as a lover and a giant pug as a Husband/King. Remember, this is Harley Quinn we're talking about.  After a crazy divorce and some cheese burger promises, the Pug King sends our Duo off to the only one who can get them back to Earth...Manos and his Infinity Rings.  Guess who that's supposed to be.

The rest of the issue needs to be read to be believed and fully enjoyed.  Harley and Power Girl fight a Giant Space Pizza, face Manos and his rings, return to Earth, get sent back to space and possibly get married before heading home again.  There they face the Clock king and Sports Master and I can only hope that that will finally continue next issue.

Whew, that was one hell of an issue.  The jokes are fired one after another and most hit below the belt.  Harley and Power Girl are just pure fun together and it's more than the easy boob jokes, too.  They really seem to like each other and the friendship feels so natural and right.  Then there is Manos.  I smiled when he is first mentioned, but when I saw him I laughed out loud and that's not something I do often.  There is no pussy footing around about who it is and when Harley and Power Girl take care of him I laughed out loud again.  Shots were definitely fired.

I really like John Timms art in this issue.  It has the right cartoony look that I love for Harley and his Power Girl is awesome. Throw in a great looking Giant Pug King, a deliciously villainous Space Pizza and Thanos Manos and we have ourselves a winner.

Bits and Pieces:

This issue is my favorite of the series so far.  Harley and Power Girl together are solid gold and mix in a space adventure that pokes fun at the competition and I'm all in.  Conner and Palmiotti pull no punches as they go for the jugular and the funny bone and score a direct hit on both.  If you like wacky, crazy fun that involves a giant Space Pizza then you should be reading this book.


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