Saturday, November 22, 2014

Green Lantern: New Guardians #36 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Justin Jordan
Art By: Diogenes Neves, Marc Deering, Wil Quintana
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: November 19, 2014

Duping A White Lantern

Welcome to GODHEAD ACT 2 Part 3 where we'll see what's going down with Kyle and Carol on New Genesis, but before we get into it let me tell you that Kyle had some really good reasons to want to go to the home of the New Gods.  Last issue of New Guardians, The Guardians told Kyle that they've purposely kept him away from the other Lantern Corps' because they knew that he had the Life Equation within him after he escaped the Source Wall way back in Green Lantern Annual #2.  So obviously Kyle's pissed and when he tries to leave the Guardians acting more and more like their insane brethren try to stop him..... Well apparently the Life Equation doesn't like being touched because Kyle went ape shit with it's power changing the universe around him and at one point even turning Carol into his long dead girlfriend Alex.  Eventually Highfather came a calling and offered Kyle the chance to have that pesky Life Equation removed and him not wanting to explain to Carol why he pictures her as other women accepts and Highfather, Kyle and Carol boom tube off to New Genesis.  Now you know this can't be good, so let's find out how bad Kyle has it in this issue of New Guardians.

Explain It!:

This part of the GODHEAD story begins with Kyle and Carol being brought to New Genesis and I think they get a little awe struck right off the bat.  You know who wouldn't?  I'm a regular Joe White Lantern hanging out with my girlfriend at the home of gods.  Yeah, I just might work that into a conversation with someone.  So just keep that "awe struck" thing in mind when I tell you that Kyle then goes into a device that takes the Life Equation out of him....... Oh and now he doesn't even have a ring.  The solicit for this issue said Kyle would be powerless, but I thought he'd still be rocking the White Lantern ring.  So whether the Life Equation was in Kyle or it was actually in his ring.... or maybe Highfather just transferred the energy into the ring, Kyle's pretty much useless now.

After the procedure is done Kyle and Carol ask a legitimate question about Highfather giving back the rings that he stole and of course the answer is no.  Now that Highfather has the Life Equation he doesn't mind telling them that no one should have the rings and that he's going to use the Life Equation to change the Prime Universe especially the people of Earth into lean mean New God machines so that Highfather can finally be able to defeat Darkseid.  Obviously Kyle and Carol aren't too hip on this going down and Carol tries to throw her love at him, but he's a New God and we've seen how good forcing your emotion of choice on them works.  

So Kyle's been duped out of his power, Carol's ring is now depleted and Highfather has no more time to deal with them so he simply boom tubes them to the surface of Genesis.  Now all our heroes have to do is figure out how they're going to get back up to New Genesis and defeat a god.  Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.  Meanwhile Highfather has decided that before he goes back to the Prime Universe, he needs to test out his new toy and transforms a city on Genesis into his new lean mean army.  Don't you just love when gods get all up in your face with their wars?

Back in the Anti Matter Universe Sinestro is keeping everyone's spirits high by declaring that Hal Jordan and John Stewart will fail....... So much for the pep rally.  We leave this issue with the New Guardians feeling that the White Lantern ring is back in the Prime Universe, but that's as far as the good news goes because they also feel that Highfather is in control of it.  ALL THE LANTERNS ARE ROYALLY SCREWED!  Now I'm not saying that I'm what you'd call a "coward", but at this point I'd just take my ring off and say fuck policing the universe, I'm out.

That's it for this part of the GODHEAD story and man was I looking forward to this issue just to find out that my favorite Lantern is a dope and that all hope is pretty much lost..... Ask Saint Walker, he'll back me up.  Yeah, not much going on here, but at least the book looked great as always and Wil Quintana's colors elevate this series above all the other Lantern titles.  I'm serious they need to clone Quintana and get him on all the Lantern books because all those ring slinging titles need to be as vibrant as this book.  See you next week when we take a look at Act 2 Part 4 of GODHEAD in Red Lanterns where we can expect Guy Gardner kicking some ass or at least trying to.  See you then.

Bits and Pieces:

While I'm digging GODHEAD, this issue really didn't do much other than smack Kyle Rayner fans in the face because of his bonehead decision making skills.  That's pretty much it..... Well that and it hammered in the the fact that the Lanterns are going to get their asses kicked hard and I think that's where we're supposed to be in the story, so we've got that.  Really the main reason you'll want this issue is the great art from Diogenes Neves and the colors of Wil Quintana.  I think Quintana has the emotional spectrum working for him because whenever I read one of his books, I gotta wear shades.  So while it's not the best we've seen from GODHEAD, it's still worth a look.  Go check it out.


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