Sunday, November 23, 2014

Earth 2: World's End #7 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Daniel H. Wilson, Marguerite Bennett, Mike Johnson
Art By: Jan Duursema, Keith Champagne, Robson Rocha, Guillermo Ortego, Tyler Kirkham, Joe Weems, Stephen Segovia, Jason Paz, Jorge Jimenez
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: November 19, 2014

Mother Boxes Had Sex On Jimmy Olsen.....Nuff Said.

Last week in Earth 2: World's End we saw Doctor Fate's whammy on Famine have a bit of a backlash in that he now causes everyone around him to reenact the movie "Thinner", so it's time for a cure and he believes it lies in Jimmy Olsen and the Mother Box that seems to have taken a shine to him.  Ted Grant aka Wildcat made his New 52 debut and Aqua Woman has released a Cthulhu monster on the Apokoliptians, but between you and me, I'm not sure that it can tell the difference between the good guys and the bad guys....... It's a goddamn Cthulhu monster, so pretty much the end is nigh.  During Alan Scott and Grundy's buddy cop team up they came across the avatar of the White, who just so happens to be Alan's dead boyfriend Sam, who we also find out was going to propose to Alan when Alan was going to propose to him......... So I think they'll change their facebook status to "It's Complicated".  That was last week, so let's get to what's going on this week with this issue of Earth 2: World's End.  Let's check it out.

Explain It!:

Our story begins on a really disturbing note, it seems that now that Desaad has Huntress, he plans on turning her into one of the Furies of Darkseid and I guess since Famine is taking a dirt nap, Huntress is up for that role.  Desaad tries to break down Huntress's defenses by telling her that her family has abandoned her for their quest to find Superman within his clone labs, but our Helena keeps her spirits up and tells Desaad to suck it because her family will come for her and even if he manages to turn her into one of his monsters, it will never be her willingly giving into him.  That's our firecracker! 

Speaking of those clone labs, last issue Batman got all Miraclo happy and Val-Zod decided that a drug addict probably isn't their best choice for a leader, so he destroyed Thomas's supply, which leads us to where we are now and Thomas pushes Val-Zod into some of the clone chambers, unleashing monster Supermen.  So we're battling Bizzaro Supermen that are apparently dead, but who are acting out due to electrode stimulation.  So you know that protective Bat suit that Val-Zod whipped together real fast so the human members of the team could explore the fire pit?  Well apparently Val-Zod is the smartest guy in the fucking world and the best goddamn engineer you've ever seen because he equipped Batman's suit with an EMP burst that Thomas triggers taking out all the Superman monsters.  I really want to know how much time lapsed between when they started working on these protective suits and when they actually entered the fire pit because goddamn are these suits top of the line.

Remember at the beginning where I said that Alan and Sam's relationship was complicated?  Well I think Alan just figured that out because while he's all about picking up where the two left off, it seems now that Sam is a avatar for the White........ and you know kind of dead, he's all business and puts his work before his relationship and anyone who's been in a similar situation can tell you that that never works out well.  So after slapping Grundy around a little bit for poking fun at the lovers current situation, Sam tells them that they must find the other avatars quickly because of the whole end of the world thing.  So hopefully next issue we'll get to see another avatar and man it better not be somebody connected to our main heroes...................... It's a whole universe people, use it!

After Doctor Fate got all Famined up last issue, he sought out Jimmy Olsen and Mister Miracle's Mother Box because he believed that they could cure him of his ailment and man did he Famine the hell out of everyone on his way to do it.  Alright so dig this, Doctor Fate and let me remind you he's in front of people like Dr. Crane/Robot Man and the World Army scientists when he places his helmet on the Mother Box that was sitting on Jimmy Olsen's chest and BAM!  Jimmy's pregnant with God.  Well maybe it's not exactly like that, but Doc Crane hypotheses that the Helm of Fate is some kind of Mother Box and to cure itself it sought out another like it and now the two mother boxes have joined and turned Mr. Olsen to some kind of god, or at least something that's never been seen before.  If you think all of that is fucked up, think about how poor Khalid must feel.  Nabu just left him after impregnating someone else.  I don't care what you say, rejection hurts.

Elsewhere Constantine is still trying to find his way home and I don't know how this plays into what Constantine's doing in his own title, but now he's resorted to a teleportation spell to take him to a friendly face and hopefully that friendly face can find him a way home.  But his spell takes him to the secret subbasement of the World Army's Arkham facility, where they kept the worst of the worst......... or just people they couldn't control and man am I curious to see who our Brash Brit digs up down there.  Finally The World Army plans on taking the fight to the oncoming planet of Apokolips when their plans are seriously screwed up when a gigantic boom tube opens next to the moon and Apokolips emerges.  So yeah, it's the beginning of the end people.

That's it for this issue of World's End and while I was hoping for some big things from last issue, it seems what we get here are just continuations of ongoing conversations and we just had to hurry up to wait.  Well I guess we didn't have to hurry up and wait, it just seems like that to me because I was so hyped for what I thought was going to be an issue that got shit done....Oh well.  It was some more setup, but it was interesting setup.  As per usual, there were a ton of artists on this book and I have no idea who did what, but I can't think of anything there to bitch about so nice one all you artists.  See you next week as we continue our parallel world adventures and hopefully some of that issue gets shit done...... Maybe even a little TCB.  See you then.

Bits and Pieces:

This issue comes off as a bit of a filler issue, but does manage to get a few stories going along the way.  That's the biggest problem with these weekly gigantic stories is that it takes so long for something to happen.  Every time I read one I have flashbacks to watching Dragon Ball Z as a kid and waiting for the good guy and the bad guy to start fighting.  Even with my gripes about how slow things are progressing, it's still a fun series with great characters, so that alone should send you flying to your LCS to get your hands on this parallel world fun.  It's just the reality that not every issue can blow my mind that kills me. 



  1. I hope this doesn't become like ultimatum...I loved earth 2 before this

  2. 3 things:
    1: Val could be the smartest guy as he had scientist parents on krypton and Terry sloan as kind of a guardian for him on earth. Plus add that super speed, and power girl they could probably make an army of those armors in like an hour.
    2:If you saw the cover of earth 2 #30?(cant remember exact number) the avatar of the blue had a big creepy ass face, and tentacles. I think Aquawoman is actually summoning him in atlantis.
    3: That freaking pregnancy XD I think crane meant olsen just turned into a new god, so now he can hack into motherboxes and stuff(like we see in the Earth 2 Futures end)