Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The New 52: Futures End #30 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Brian Azzarello, Jeff Lemire, Dan Jurgens, Keith Giffen
Art By: Tom Ramey, Hi-Fi
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: November 26, 2014

And The Eye's Have It!

For our quick recap this week you'll need to know that Oliver Queen faked his death and then sent Lois Lane a box of clues to get her onto the scent of Cadmus Island.  What has Oliver Queen been doing while he's presumed dead you ask?  Well he's been gathering an army that consists of the Earth 2 Red Arrow, The Outsiders, his normal Green Arrow crew and the recently recruited Big Barda.  You see Green and Red Arrows have been putting together a plan to free the captive heroes of Earth 2 and even though I don't remember them actually knowing of Brother Eye taking over the island and the heroes, after reading this issue it looks like they did.  So Green Arrow's army is going to Cadmus Island, Lois Lane just parachuted in and tripped over her Earth 2 counterpart Red Tornado and Grifter and Lana Lang are still palling around with Deathstroke who we've recently learned is working with Brother Eye.  All of that and Mister Miracle and Fury on the island trying to figure out how to shut Brother Eye down as well.  Let's jump into this issue and see how the assault on Cadmus Island goes and see if our heroes can shut down Brother Eye once and for all............ But seeing as Batman Beyond came back in time to shut it down, I'm guessing they won't.  Let's check it out.

Explain It!:

Our issue begins strong with Green Arrow and his army storming the beaches of Cadmus Island undetected and with one simple shot of a specialized EMP arrow that Oliver has been working on for three months, Brother Eye and his reign of terror will be over............... Yeah it didn't go well.  When Oliver shot the arrow the Brother Eye controlled Hawkgirl catches the and destroys it.  Now the fight is on as Brother Eye knows they are there, so all sorts of Earth 2 heroes and OMACs come out of nowhere to beat our heroes about the face.  The end is nigh!

Green Arrow takes Red Arrow and Big Barda into the woods as they try to finish their mission.  At first I didn't think leaving Emiko, Diggle and The Outsiders to take on Brother Eye's horde was that bad, but as soon as our heroic trio get safely in the woods, we see that the OMACs have a new trick.  Yeah, now it seems that they can morph together to make one giant OMAC and again, The End Is Nigh!  It's too late to turn back now though and as our heroes make their way to the main Cadmus facility we see that Deathstroke has Ollie in his cross hairs and if it wasn't for Grifter........ you know doing the right thing by not letting Slade shoot him, that would of been the actual end of our Emerald Archer.  So now that we know that Slade is definitely the bad guy and all shit is breaking loose on the island, Slade figures it's finally time to kill Grifter, but it's one save after another when Lana Lang bashes Deathstroke in the back of the head with a rock, giving the two a chance to escape... you know their murders.  It looks like no one is having much luck on the island today though because when Lana runs out of the woods to meet the heroes, Red Arrow shoots her upside the head with a stun arrow.  As we and the heroes take the time to ask WTF?  Slade is given enough time to get back up and he plans on finally killing Green Arrow.  Slade throws a staff at Red Arrow's jaw, breaking it and as we see the final showdown between Slade and Ollie................. Fury comes out of nowhere and rips Slades goddamn head off!  It seriously comes out of nowhere and Slade is just dead....... lying there without his head piece.........Wow.  So that just happened.

So that threat is over and Green Arrow orders Red Arrow to take Lana Lang back to the boat and Oliver, Grifter, Big Barda, Fury and Mister Miracle continue on to shut down Brother Eye and for the most part it's smooth sailing until they get inside the facility and get to the shut down room, where our heroes realize that they are screwed.  Power Girl is in the room.  THE END IS NIGH!  Power Girl seriously messes up Fury and while Big Barda holds her back, Green Arrow hits the switch with the best weapon there is, the boxing glove arrow.  So all the Earth 2 heroes begin feeling like themselves again and the OMACs shut down and the end might not be so nigh after all until we see that Power Girl is still all Brother Eyed up.

In the end, our heroes make a retreat back to their boats where they meet up with Lois Lane after Red Tornado told her to save herself and to make sure that people find out about what happened there, as Big Barda holds off the Brother Eye Power Girl, you see with any proper storm the facility story, you have to have the shut down switch be wired to a self destruct, but before the island can go kablooey, we see an equally disturbing scene where Big Barda starts tearing away at Power Girl's hair until we see that she has a bit of metal underneath that beautiful blonde hair........ and skin.  Now I don't know if Brother Eye made himself a sexy robot to house his program in or if Power Girl has been assimilated by the Borg, because I certainly didn't see Power Girl the rest of the issue and her absence actually makes me worried.  Eventually the Power Girl monster just powers down and as our heroes make it safely off the island, it explodes.  So Big Barda seems to be dead and as the issue closes and Oliver Queen is feeling the satisfaction of victory, we see the Brother Eye symbol on the screen of his phone.  The End Is Still Nigh!

That's it for this week's Futures End and I'm feeling a bit spoiled here as we've had two weeks of straight forward story telling.  It's just so nice!  It looks as if we're coming to a close to this leg of our stories because last week we had the conclusion to the Firestorm story and now we have the conclusion to the Cadmus Island story.  So with any luck next week we'll see a straight forward Frankenstein and company story and we can scream in excitement.  Tom Ramey and Hi-Fi are on art this week and as usual the book looked great.  Futures End might be the first time that a book that has different artists each issue has consistently looked awesome.  Just a great issue that leaves me wondering who Fifty Sue is going to take her vengeance out on for someone killing Slade besides her.  See you next week where I might get my answer, but hopefully it's Frankenstein and Company.

Bits and Pieces:

I don't know how I'm going to feel when this series goes back to telling a bunch of different stories each issue because these past two weeks have been a treat with the writers focusing solely on one story.  This seems to be the conclusion to the Cadmus Island story arc and man was it a fight to the finish.  Just a really fun exciting end to a story that's had it's ups and downs and it's satisfying to know that we're done this leg of our journey to Five Years From Now.  Go check it out and continue your foray into the future.


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