Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #15 Review

Written and Illustrated by: Gilbert Hernandez
Cover Price: $0.99
Release Date: November 20, 2014

Yakety Yak

After reading and reviewing the first part of Gilbert Hernandez's two part story last week, I was a little afraid of getting some backlash.  I say "a little" because any time you review something and throw it out on the intranets, you open yourself for attack, but I'm used to that.  What I was afraid of was that people were going to glance at the issue and write it off because the art was so different.  Different as in retro, indie and/or unique.  I'll admit, at first glance I didn't know what to think.  At second glance, I still didn't, but as I read the issue (three times to be exact), I came to appreciate both the art and the story and more importantly, how they complimented each other.  This week we get the conclusion and after last week, I jumped right in knowing what to expect and enjoyed every minute of it.

After Supergirl and Wonder Woman clashed, the result was a mysterious character showing up as the cliffhanger.  I guessed it was Mary Marvel and for once, I was right!  After jumping dimensions, she's out of sorts and thinks Wonder Woman and Supergirl are zombie robots.  Pretty funny, but it doesn't take long before Hernandez gives the reader one of the funniest moments I've read in a long time.

After trading insults, Wonder Woman and Mary Marvel start hitting Supergirl back-and-forth in what can only be called Kryptonian ping pong.  Of course, they can't help doing it because of Kanjar Ro's mind control.  That is, until Supergirl uses her heat vision on the two mighty ladies.

The rest of the issue involves the three ladies fighting Sayyar and Kanjar Ro, flying into the Sun, slapping Sayyar and Kanjar Ro and coming a hair away from killing Sayyar and Kanjar Ro.  The best of these scenes is a ticked off Supergirl almost throwing her code away as Wonder Woman laughs and encourages her to kill the two aliens.

After sending Mary back to her dimension, Supergirl and Wonder Woman head back to Earth for one of the strangest endings ever.  Supergirl's hair turns brown out of nowhere and Wonder Woman fights a stowaway Gro-Bot.  The hair thing can only be an oversight, while the Gro-Bot fight is just retro goodness.

This whole arc has been full of retro goodness.  It wasn't just the art style, but the story and dialogue as well. When Wonder Woman yelled things like, "Enough of this yakety yak", I couldn't help but smile.  In fact, this whole two part story made me smile a bunch of times.

Bits and Pieces:

This issue (and the whole two part story) felt like a love letter to the old days of Wonder Woman and comics in general.  Gilbert Hernandez's script and art combine to tell a unique, exciting and very funny story that this book was made for.  I really hope we get more stories as special as this one.


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