Monday, November 24, 2014

Arkham Knight Game Play Trailer: ACE CHEMICALS

This is part one of I guess a couple different trailers that are set to be released as time runs down to Arkham Knight's release date and man after watching it, I just want to be Batman.  It's funny to me because I'm not really a gamer at all, but I went out and got a Xbox 360 just so I could play the first three games and now I guess I'm going to have to go out and get an Xbox One because.......... Well because I have to play this goddamn game!  When I first saw that this trailer was up and that it was a game play trailer with more Batmobile scenes, I just sat back and thought that I really didn't need to see it.  Just take my money..............TAKE IT!  I'm seriously hyped right now to play it and I'm not a patient man, so this next six months are going to kill me.  So check out the trailer and start salivating like I did a couple of minutes ago..........I'm sure you already watched it because who gives a shit about what a guy in a headband writes about when there's a Arkham Knight trailer a head of it.


  1. I cant wait for this game either! the real killer for me is trying to figure out, what is under the arkham knight's helmet

    1. Fans are speculating that Arkham Knight is Jason Todd.

  2. I've heard people saying it's going to be the Joker and that idea is ridiculous to me and I've heard it said that it would be Jason Todd, which I could go with because it would give people a Joker flashback when Batman finally finds out who this character is and everyone would be happy. I'm just kind of going with a Arkham version of Wrath right now.

  3. I don't think its the joker. Even if its a clone of him, he would never be one to declare martial law. HOWEVER a crazy idea...the Arkham Knight is a fear toxin hallucination...Batmans fear of what he could become to keep order. when batman takes him down, he rips off the mask to see jokers face, but then the toxin can ware off to reveal it was just another thug