Sunday, November 23, 2014

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week 11/22/14

I'm sorry if I seem a little down today, but I just found out that the Queen Latifah Show was canceled.  With that and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo no longer on television, what the hell am I supposed to do?  At least I still have Manhattan Love Story, right? What?  That's been canceled too?  Now I'm really depressed.  I'll try to get out of my funk for just a little bit so I can pick this week's best covers, but I will do so with tears in my eyes.  It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday...  Boys II Men, you always know how to make me feel worse.

Cover of the Week

Batman and Robin #36 (Patrick Gleason)

I loved this cover the minute I saw it in previews weeks ago.  The Bat Family donning their Robin garb is awesome and seeing the contrast in their attack methods is even better. The only thing missing is Dick.  I am one of the few die-hard Dick fans who really like Grayson, but this arc is just begging for Dick.  And I know how those last few sentences sound, but for once, I am not joking.  Maybe just a little.  I am a huge Dick fan.  Okay, that one was uncalled for.  Eric's Review is HERE

Runners Up

Harley Quinn #12 (Amanda Conner and Paul Mounts)

I don't know if there is an Amanda Conner cover I don't like.  Like the story inside, this cover is just pure fun.  Harley looks so cute as she is "flying" through the air and Power Girl's look is priceless.  Of course, there are other "things" that stick out on the cover and while they could come off as a bit gratuitous to a casual observer, if you read the book you'll just giggle.  On a side note, please keep Power Girl in this book!  Read my review HERE.

Trinity of Sin #2 (Guillem March)

I mentioned it before, every week should have at least one Guillem March cover.  I really like this cover, but one thing bothers me.  Poor Mr. The Question has lost his hat.  If you ask me, Phantom Stranger knocked it off when nobody was looking.  He just couldn't take another guy rocking the chapeau better than him.  What are you going to do next, Stranger?  Tear off his over coat?  No wonder you never get invited to parties.  Geez.  Eric's review is HERE.

Wonder Woman #36 (David Finch)

I loved Azzarello and Chiang's run on Wonder Woman and couldn't wait to see the Finch's take on one of my favorite heroes.  Well, the cover showed right away that things are going to be different.  David Finch's cover presents a Wonder Woman who is more in line with the rest of the DCU...she's hot, mad and ready to kick ass. Actually, by the look of the blood on her sword, she already has.  In fact, I think she may have straight up murdered someone.  Hopefully,  it was Joker's Daughter. That would be sweet.  My review for the issue is HERE.

Cool Steering Wheel Cover of the Week

See everyone next week, I'm off to watch Franklin and Bash.  What?  Cancelled?  Oh crap!

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  1. Batman 66 two face cover was pretty sweet too..great list anyway!