Saturday, November 29, 2014

Red Lanterns #36 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Charles Soule
Art By: J. Calafiore
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: November 26, 2014

It's Not A Mission To Guy Unless It's A Suicide Mission

We're back with GODHEAD Act 2 Part 4, where we pick up where we left off last Red Lanterns, where Guy Gardner and Simon Baz were getting their asses kicked by Malhedron and company.  It seems like we're finally going to get Baz doing some hero work in the New 52, it's just too bad that he chose Gardner to team up with because Guy plans on taking the fight back to New Genesis and to get a little payback for the New Gods killing so many Green Lanterns.  Yeah, it sounds like a bad plan to me too.  So let's see if Guy realizes that he doesn't possess the best decision making skills and maybe our two heroes can live to see the end of this story arc.  Let's check it out.

Explain It!:

Our story begins with Baz trying desperately to convince Guy that going to the New Gods home world is as bad an idea as Katy Perry singing at the Super Bowl, but Guy has a chip on his shoulder and after everything that he's experienced during the New 52, he just wants to find a good death and he cant't think of a better one than taking on a God.

Eventually Baz gets on board and they go to Cyborg for help in getting them to New Genesis.  Only problem is, Hal Jordan liked to run his mouth to Cyborg about what Guy Gardner's like and Baz was recruited to the Justice League of America so that he could take Cyborg down and Cyborg knows it..  Yeah, this is a bit awkward.  As much as I've pleaded online for DC to give Simon Baz more to do and to possibly feature him in something, I was a little off put by the way that Baz gets shit done.  You see, since Cyborg obviously refused to help our two Lanterns, Baz decides to push some of his weight around with the contacts he's made from working with ARGUS and the government.  You see, since STAR Labs is funded by the government, Simon says that he'll make some calls to get Cyborg's father's lab shut down and for his father to know exactly why it was closed.  Yeah, that's a big bit of a dick move.  

As much as I don't like Simon being this kind of character, I really liked all the dialog that this section of the book gave us and really all of the dialog was excellent, but here it really grabbed my attention.  Even Cyborg's reply to Simon's threat was great.  "Baz, we were never going to be friends, but we don't have to be enemies.  You sure you want to go down this path?"  Just an awesome response.  So after Cyborg gets the energy signature of Malhedron from Simon and Guy's rings and Simon gets B'dg to watch the Earth for him, Cyborg opens a boom tube that is supposed to put our heroes away from any kind of prying eyes so they can do some proper reconnaissance, but with the luck our Lanterns have been having; I doubt the universe would give them a break here.

In the end, Simon and Guy enter the boom tube and come out right in Malhedron's bedroom, when he's about to have some sexy time with his lover and after taking a look at her I can see that Malhedron's a big believer that beauty's on the inside because yeesh, is she not easy on the eyes.  As you'd expect a big fight breaks out and eventually Highfather comes and puts an end to the scuffle and surprisingly he lets Guy and Baz live and we leave this issue with the two being locked up in Miracle Cells.

That's it for this issue of Red Lanterns and Act 2 Part 4 of GODHEAD.  There's a bit in this issue dealing with New Genesis that I decided to keep out, but I don't want to be accused of leaving out important information, so Highfather shows Malhedron how powerful he is now by using his scepter that's imbued with the Life Equation to shoot a blast of energy into space.......... I really don't know what that proved but Malhedron seemed impressed and also we had a bit where Malhedron talks about the balance of power between Highfather and Darkseid and how it should be maintained instead of tilting one way or the other.  Highfather doesn't really care what Malhedron has to say on the subject and we see that Malhedron might become a turncoat during the battle, but that it doesn't really matter who wins because Highfather and Darkseid are basically the same.  So there you go.  I really enjoyed this story obviously because Simon Baz was involved, but the dialog in here was top notch and I could of gone on reading this all day if the issue would of allowed me and went on.  The creative team of Soule and Calafiore are great as always and this issue might be my favorite of GODHEAD.  See you next week as we continue this story with Sinestro #7.  See you then.

Bits and Pieces:

This issue of the GODHEAD story line might be the most enjoyable issue I've read so far.  I just love the interaction between Guy Gardner and Simon Baz and while I was a big fan of B'dg and Simon teamed up, I think that I just found my new favorite buddy cop team.  Great story, great art and great character moments make this issue something that you'll not want to miss and actually make you a little pissed off that Red Lanterns only comes once a month.  Check it out.