Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Grayson #5 Review

Written by: Tim Seeley and Tom King
Art by: Mikel Janin
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: December 3, 2014

Dick of Arabia

I am one of the few people I know that is a huge Dick Grayson fan and also a big Grayson fan.  I know that seems funny on a couple of levels, but it also upsets me to the core.  Why?  Mainly because while I was afraid this book would devolve into a goofy "Dick, the Super Spy", it has actually become a nice little case study on Dick himself.  More specifically, a celebration of why I love the character.  I know that may sound a little too grand, but I stand by it.  Case in point is this issue.  While it's a little confusing at points and really doesn't push the overall narrative forward much, I still enjoyed it because of Dick.  He's a great guy and Tom King is here each month to remind us.

This month's story picks up mid-adventure and the reader is thrown in without a safety net.  I love stories that don't hold your hand, but this is extreme.  Dick, Helena and Midnighter are in a plummeting helicopter delivering a baby.  Yea, let that sink in for a moment.  Helena is at the controls while Dick and Midnighter are DELIVERING A BABY!  Through the dialogue, the reader is almost up to speed in no time.  Spyral and Midnighter both want this baby and will stop at nothing to get it's heart.  Unfortunately, the helicopter goes down in the middle of the desert and the foursome start walking.

I have enjoyed the little nuggets of Midnighter in this book, but it feels cheap to end it like this.  It feels too brief and rushed after the buildup.  I hope this isn't the last we here from him.  What I did like this month was Dick.  He shows again that he is a great guy, but also that he is his own man.  He is not letting Spyral change that.  What he does delays Spyral's big plans and also sets up a cool, cute and very interesting cliffhanger.  I know that this issue won't lead directly into next month's, but again, I hope we see more of this.

I love Mikel Janin's art style.  It's clean and detailed and just looks awesome.  He is quickly becoming one of my favorites at DC and I hope he stays on this book for a long time.

Bits and Pieces:

Grayson #5 may not explain everything or push the story forward, but Tom King does what he has done best...reminding the reader that Dick Grayson is a great guy.  That and Mikel Janin's art have impressed me with every issue and that continues this month.  Fans of Dick and/or great characters in general should be reading this book.


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