Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Injustice: Year Three #10 Review

Written by: Tom Taylor
Art by: Mike S. Miller
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: December 2, 2014

Green Means Go

I am a huge Injustice fan.  In fact, my love of this comic may teeter into ultra fandom to the point that I may be too biased to be the right person to review it.  The hell with that, though, I'm here, I'm...reviewing this book.  One thing I can promise you, however, is when I say I didn't really dig an issue, I'm even more upset about it than just about anyone else.  That used to be a few and far between thing...until recently.  The last couple issues of Injustice have been a bit disappointing, especially with how strong Year Three started.  This magical year has lost some of it's magic (I'm sorry) with a very predictable story and more setup than payoff.  I'm happy to tell you, this issue throws in a few cool surprises, but it still is missing that special feeling of past Years.

Last issue ended with Deadman failing to get through to Jim Corrigan, mainly because he's not there.  Someone else is inside the Spectre.  We don't get too much time for the concept to sink in before The Spectre renders a death blow to Boston Brand.  He doesn't die right away, but his time is short.

Meanwhile, Batman scolds Constantine for what happened with Superman and especially Ragman.  Trust me, Batman doesn't come across as that concerned for a fallen comrade, he just seems pissed Constantine went behind his back.  That's why he's going with John on his latest mission...to recruit Swamp Thing.  Unfortunately, ST doesn't see eye-to-eye with either of them and pretty much declares his allegiance to Team Superman.  While it makes sense, it breaks my heart that Swamp Thing isn't on the "good" side.  Constantine's reaction was priceless, though.

The book ends with Deadman in Nanda Parbat, where his successor has come to take over.  I've been waiting for this character to show up and anyone who knows me will surely know how excited I am for what happens here.  It definitely upped the final score of the book by one point which tells you how much I loved it, but also how much the rest of the issue disappointed me.

One of my major disappointments was Mike S. Miller's art.  I have gone hot and cold with Miller's work on this book and this week it's mighty cold outside.  I don't particularly like his character work and it's all the more obvious because of the amount of different characters he draws poorly.  I may be biased (again), but I like a certain guy whose name is Runobra Edondora (in pig latin) on this book.

Bits and Pieces:

It pains me to say it, but this is yet another underwhelming issue of Injustice.  Year Three started out strong, but it's starting to hint that the overall story is running a bit thin.  I have faith in Tom Taylor to turn it around, but he better do it fast.  I hope the story and art improves quickly so I can get back to loving this book and singing it's praises.



  1. The big problem with year 3 is a LOT of set up for cool characters. like why did constantine need detective chimp? Will we see more klarion magic(kinda hope like back to back magic spell attacks with him and Doctor fate)? and speaking of which, I get constantine supposed to be the main help to bats this year but have we forgotten we have DC'S EQUIVILENT TO THE SORCERER SUPREME ON THE BAT SIDE?!

    rant over: I agree this was not an impressive issue, though it did throw some curve balls.

    1. my point to the rant is that, you have a cavalcade of awesome badass magic users....USE THEM!

    2. My sentiments exactly...where is Phantom Stranger? What is Klarion up too? Give me some Detective Chimp. Year Three has been a tease...like Tom Taylor shows us something cool and then yells, "No!" and puts it away.

    3. Actually i would think it would be awesome if Stranger is the reason wonder woman wakes up. Like spectre stabs supes in back(cuz i know its coming) and stranger is like, "I dont like to do this...but wonder woman wake up you need to help save the world or else the specte gonna wreck shiet!"