Monday, December 1, 2014

Justice League Dark #36 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: J.M. DeMatteis
Art By: Andres Guinaldo, Walden Wong
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: November 26, 2014


Last time we stepped into the magical world of the Justice League Dark we were in prequel territory as we saw how Zatanna got to the beginning of time or what I like to call Wonderland and our other teammates were in a more dark and desolate spot.  During that prequel we saw some strange things, like the House of Mystery and it's sister house: the House of Secrets take on human form and they each gathered different members of the JLD to fight against the other.  Well wouldn't you know it, this was all a ruse by these two former houses as a way to use the energy from the conflict they created to merge their two houses and become the House of Wonders............. and turn the rest of the world into a house.  Yeah, it was definitely a weird story and I think that the two human embodiments of the Houses were actually some kind of virus.......... I don't know, it was really out there.  So finally we saw our heroes cast a spell causing Constantine to forget his love for Zatanna which makes the House of Wonder fall apart and our heroes end up in............... well, somewhere.  We saw where Zatanna went off to, let's see where the rest of our JLD team wound up.

Explain It!:

Our story begins where Justice League Dark #35 left off, with Frankenstein, Nightmare Nurse, Andrew Bennett and Swamp Thing staring off a cliff into nothingness.  It seems while Zatanna was transported to the beginning of time when magic was new and fresh, our heroes here have come to the end of time itself and everything is slowly becoming nothing.  As our heroes looked out into the nothing I kept waiting for the Langoliers to come out and finish off the last bit of the world complete with their awful CGI, but I never get what I want.  Even though it seems like these characters have been walking awhile to get to this edge of reality, after a wild hypothesis is given to where they are, Swamp Thing freaks the hell out outta  nowhere talking about how he can't feel The Green and begins to wither away.  I'm telling you, this just seemed to come out of nowhere and I actually stopped and laughed because how out of place it seemed.  It's a good thing this team has a nurse, but before Asa can perform a proper healing spell, a bunch of cockroaches with human heads surround the team and as they fight off the creepy menace, the bugs manage to pull Swamp Thing away.

As the team go after Swamp Thing, they see Alec get pulled inside a gigantic worm monster Felix Faust...... That's right, you read me correctly.  Nightmare Nurse runs up to try and save Swamp Thing and then she gets consumed as well.  Is it just me or does the end of time suck?  So Frankenstein and Andrew Bennett try to save their teammates with no avail, but it seems that they really don't need rescuing because Asa bursts out of Felix's worm body with Swamp Thing.  Now Felix is dying and as this happens the heroes realize that they can't breath and with Felix's final breaths he tells them that his magic created the atmosphere and if Nightmare Nurse knows what's good for her, she'll heal him.  So now that everyone is able to breath, I guess they're all friends and before Swamp Thing can die Felix shows them where he has a solitary rose that he kept surrounded by a beam of light and when Swamp Thing touches it, well he's all Swamp Thing about it again........... Then the rose dies and at this point you'd think that Swamp Thing would freak out again but no, what happens is a even bigger Felix Faust worm rips up through the ground.  I'm really not liking this issue.  

Yeah, so the Felix Faust worm that we've been talking to this issue created those cockroaches that pulled Swamp Thing away in the beginning of the issue, but as it turns out the actual Felix Faust worm created the one we've been talking to and now it's a fight between the original and the copy, you know now since the copy has learned the true meaning of friendship.  As the two tussle, our heroes figure their best shot of escaping this place is going off into the void on a magical construct of a sail boat.

In the end our heroes sail away leaving the island behind them and we see that the other members of the JLD like Madam Xanadu, Deadman and Black Orchid are stuck in a place that represents where time was shattered.  It really reminds me of Alexander Luthor Jr.'s crystal dimension, so I don't know what trouble our heroes can get into there.

That's it for this issue of Justice League Dark and man was this thing ever out there.  We've got Swamp Thing freaking out in the beginning, then being healed from a lone rose, but then when the rose dies he's just fine........... I don't get it.  Is there a time limit that was restarted when he touched the flower?  Besides Swamp Thing's problem the rest of the story wasn't really that imaginative either.  Oh no, little Felix Faust bugs!  Oh no, a Felix Faust worm!  Oh no, a even bigger Felix Faust worm!  All the action and tension just really came off forced and unneeded.  Now while I usually love Andres Guinaldo art, this issue seemed to be rushed and not on par with his usual style.  A big problem I had is that he seemed to go with a new style for Andrew Bennett and at first I had no idea who the character was because his defining feature, the white stripe through his hair was missing and he seems to have decided that 80's hair metal bands were back in style because man did this not look like Andrew Bennett.  That's enough bitching for now, be sure to come back next month when we see what Deadman, Madam Xanadu and Black Orchid are doing in the present while apparently shattering time.  See you then.

Bits and Pieces:

As much as I usually love this series I was really disappointed to not be feeling it this issue.  The characters came off odd to me and Swamp Thing had bouts of dying, not dying and not dying when he should of been dying.  It's all very strange.  Hopefully when we tackle what happened to other characters next issue I can get back on board, but after the Annual it just feels like this title is taking a break from it's usual good stories and awesome art.


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