Friday, December 26, 2014

Harley Quinn #13 Review

Written by: Amanda Conner and  Jimmy Palmiotti
Art by: Chad Hardin
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: December 24, 2014

T and A

Since it's debut, Harley Quinn has been the place to go for potty humor and outrageous. inappropriate outfits and situations.  It's been so much fun, but unfortunately, an ongoing story didn't seem to be a priority...until Power Girl showed up.  And to think that I was worried that PG was only brought in for boob jokes.  While there has been plenty of those (seriously, how could Conner and Palmiotti not), the Harley Quinn/Power Girl team up has taken the book to new heights because of it's hilarious ongoing tale of memory loss and superhero hi-jinx.  While it looks like the dynamic duo are breaking up, they part ways in another hilarious issue that shows why this book is one of the best on the shelves today.

The issue starts with what I've been waiting for for a couple of issues...our gals facing off with Clock King and Sports Master.  No portals to other dimensions here, just a kick ass superhero brawl with tennis rackets, a seguay, snarky comments and a nuclear missile.  Yep, Sportsmaster really stepped up his game, but while PG can survive almost anything, he can't.  If not for Clock King's time reversal, the DCU would be minus one awesome sports related villain.  The battle ends with a destroyed shopping mall and two villains of the run.  It's also left Power Girl with a hairdo I haven't seen since those Troll dolls went out of fashion. Harley finds it hilarious which doesn't go over well with PG.  After a little infighting, it's back to the apartment where Harley, Tony and everyone else continue to take advantage of Power Girl's memory loss.

After Tony tries to get her in bed (fail) and Harley tries to join her in the shower (another fail), Power Girl ends up as the strong woman in the side show.  It goes as poorly as you'd imagine and only a Clock King and Sportsmaster sighting stops her from bringing down the whole building.  After some crazy bits involving a mugger, Harley's butt and a gun, Sportsmaster and Clock king are finally stopped.  How it happens is hilarious and really shows that Harley is not quite the hero she wants to be just yet. To celebrate, Harley and Power Girls head off for a little girl talk and that's when the worst thing possible happens.  Power Girl gets her memory back.

The running joke throughout this arc is how Power Girl would get her memory back.  In this issue alone, she's been hit by a nuclear bomb and a lighting fixture.  Each time, Harley has worried that the impact would jog PG's memory.  Just wait until you see what finally does the job.  It's disgusting and fits the book to a tee.  The issue ends with Harley on the wrong end of a Paris vacation minus her crime fighting partner.  If this is the last we see of her in this book I'll be a very sad fan.

I loved this issue and the arc as a whole.  Conner and Palmiotti have given me my favorite team up since Harley and Green Arrow in Injustice.  It's funny that Harley is in both, but if loving her is wrong, I don't want to be right.  Like I said earlier, it was great finally having a solid story to backup the humor in this book and I hope that trend continues.  I also have to give kudos to Conner and Palmiotti for pointing their sarcastic humor at themselves and this book in this issue.  The jokes about the special issues (especially the rub and smell issue) had me laughing out loud.

Chad Hardin's art was as good as usual which means it was really good.  The only thing that sucks is he won't be drawing Power Girl anymore.  His PG was awesome and was even better than his Harley.  My favorite, however, was Eggy,  I'm so glad he's remained in the book after his appearance in the Annual and hope he gets more of a push in the near future.

Bits and Pieces:

Harley Quinn #13 is another great issue.  Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti end the Harley Quinn/Power Girl teamup and how sad I am it's ending is high praise for how good it was.  Chad Hardin's art helped make the hilarious superhero action come to life and I wish it could continue forever.  All good things must come to an end, but I hope Conner and Palmiotti continue to mix strong story in with the inappropriate humor because it's two great tastes that taste great together.  Highly recommended.



  1. Maybe you could clarify the (attempted) joke at the end.
    I just didn't get it lol

  2. It is strange that powwrgirl is portrayed way better in Supergirl and Harley Quinn than her own actual title

    1. I know. Now that you mentioned it, I really hope she shows up in Supergirl again