Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Sinestro #8 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Cullen Bunn
Art By: Martin Cocollo, Scott Hanna, Jason Wright
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: December 24, 2014

Arrogance At It's Finest

It's GODHEAD Act 3 Part 5 and that means it's time to see what Sinestro has been up to since he took off in search of a motherbox.  If you haven't been keeping up, most of our Lantern heroes have been transported to New Genesis and they're looking to kick a little New God ass.......... because apparently they don't learn.  John Stewart, Saint Walker, Kyle Rayner, Carol Ferris and The Guardians are all together trying to come up with a plan, while Simon Baz and Guy Gardner have acquired a bunch of rings and are trying to find Saint Walker to get him all hoped up so they can get supercharged for the final battle.  Back in our universe Hal Jordan and Black Hand are battling Orion and Sinestro is supposed to be making his way there........ So let's see if he completes his task or if he gets caught up in being the dick he's known to be.  Let's check it out.

Explain It!:

Our story begins with Sinestro sneaking around New Genesis, gathering intel and trying to find himself a motherbox.  So you know how Sinestro is always making like he's the biggest bad ass there is and no one could ever stand against him?  Well Mr. "I'm The Greatest" uses his ring to find a New God that's away from others so he can go and put the fear into him.........  You know what we call that in my neighborhood?  Nothing because that's just weird, but I'm sure in some neighborhoods that's just called a cowardly bully.  We see that this New God that Sinestro's targeted isn't exactly alone though, he's with a Life Equationed Devil Dog from the Sinestro Corps and we find out that these converts aren't exactly as powerful as we were originally led to believe........... Sinestro blows up his head in one blast.  Even with all the bullshit boasting that Sinestro is known for, he does manage to really subdue the random New God and quite possibly kills him when he unleashes Parallax on him.  During Parallax's feeding, Sinestro analyzes the New God's motherbox and realizes that he will not be able to use it but it does have a central hub that he might be able to get to.  

Let me get off the story for a minute and talk about how I really miss Dale Eaglesham penciling this title but then most of that feeling is washed away when I look at the great visuals from Martin Cocollo.  There's this one panel here where Sinestro wrangles Parallax back within him and as we see Parallax eventually giving in, it's hands look like they want to ring Sinestro's neck as he enters the fear monger............. I'm not one to really pick up on subtle things, but I loved this panel and the entire book looks fantastic.  I really slowed down after this and really looked at each panel and man do I now have a man crush on Cocollo.......... Anyway, let's get back to the story.

So now Sinestro is on his way to the central hub when he sees a Star Sapphire ring fly by and if you remember from the last issue of Red Lanterns, this is one of the rings that Guy and Simon had gotten and it flew away to find a new wearer, only it seems that it goes to Carol Ferris.  Am I wrong in thinking that this is weird?  I mean Carol as far as I remember still has a ring, it's just depleted.  So would a new ring just fly to her then?  I don't know, I guess we'll just go with it.  So Sinestro flies down and gives everyone the "I'm better than all of you" talk and then tells them that he has a plan to save the day............... and apparently that plan is to go straight to Highfather while he's on the verge of opening a boom tube to Earth and ruining everyone's day.

In the end, Highfather talks shit on Sinestro and Sinestro talks shit on Highfather leading to Sinestro getting the shit kicked out of him.  

But this all appears to be a ruse to allow the Sinestro Corps member Despontellis: the biovirus fear lantern, who previously was on Bekka and spying for Sinestro to reprogram Highfather's boomtube.........somehow and when Highfather opens it, Sinestro goes through leaving everyone to think that he's just trying to escape but with any luck he'll be leading them all to the Source Wall and to Hal Jordan and Black Hand...................and giant Source Wall zombies!

That's it for this issue of Sinestro and GODHEAD Act 3 Part 5 and man I know Sinestro is all about monologuing and being arrogant but man did he ever up his game here.  He spent most of the issue just going around sporting his Parallax look while being a dick to everyone around him..............and man did I love reading it!  I just love reading assholes being themselves and man is Sinestro at the top of that list.  There was a line here that was just so douchey that it worked so well.  He was talking to John Stewart and he told him."The Next Time You Find Yourself On Earth, Enjoying The Sun...The Breeze....The Sight of Mewling Children Playing......You Will Have Sinestro To Thank For Your World's Existence!"  I had to put the book down so I could put myself in John Stewart's shoes here.  The absolute gall and arrogance to this statement was so brilliant that I had to think about what the world would be like if it happened to become true.  Just so good.  Excellent story wrapped around excellent art......... It's just one of those books that makes your entire week and gets you pissed off that you'll have to wait another month to get more.  Luckily though we have Green Lantern Annual #3 out this week and with it the finale to GODHEAD.  Hopefully all these great issues we've gotten for Act 3 will all culminate to an epic ending.  See you then.

Bits and Pieces:

After reading this issue of Sinestro, it's no surprise that it wasn't among all the other Lantern titles that were announced cancelled last week.  It definitely is one of the strongest Lantern titles out there and it makes you happy to be a fan of a bunch of space cops that love themselves some hand jewelry.  It's the penultimate issue to GODHEAD and man does it really move fast as we get to the end and even though you'll want to keep the pace of the book, you'll want to slow down and check out Martin Cocollo's art.  It's awesome.  So quit stalling and go check it out.


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