Monday, March 30, 2015

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week 3/28/2015

I know this column is a little late, but like they say, "You can't lead your fool to fool me once on
you".  That's what they say, right?  Oh well, it's not time to split hairs...we have covers to talk about. This week was chock full of awesome covers and while it was hard to narrow it down to just four, that's what I get paid the big bucks for.  So, let me stop the ladies from feeding me grapes and get my tunic on because it's Covers of the Week time!

Cover of the Week

Gotham by Midnight #5 (Ben Templesmith)

Wow, this cover is amazing. I would love to say that Ben Templesmith left his best for last, but he's always at his best.  This cover is so bad ass and sets the mood perfectly for what's inside.  I'm sure that other artists get jealous looking at covers like this.  Kind of like competitive eaters looking at my love handles.

Runners Up  

The New 52: Futures End #47 (Ryan Sook)

Ryan Sook's covers have been so good the entire Futures End run. While I want to see how the story ends, I will really miss Sook's covers each week.  This one does a great job making Batman Beyond look so awesome, but it's the characters behind him that I really love.  It's like a superhero Sgt. Pepper's cover and it's so cool to see Frankenstein one more time.  I miss you Frankenstein.

Deathstroke #6 (Tony S. Daniel and Tomeu Morey)

I love this cover for the same reason I grab this book each month...Tony Daniel's bloody good art.  Sure, I am half British (from my dear old mum, thank you), but I mean "bloody" good art. Just look at Odysseus and his huge blood soaked blades and you know that this is one action packed comic.

Catwoman #40 Movie Poster Variant (Dave Johnson)

I have been a huge fan of this new Catwoman because Selina's strength and attitude and Dave Johnson's take on the Bullitt movie poster shows just that.  Look how badass Selina looks...awesome.

Batman and Robin #40 Movie Poster Variant (Tommy Lee Edwards) 

How can you look at this movie poster variant and not smile. Damian as Harry Potter is so fitting...the Boy Who Lived indeed. My favorite part of the cover? Batcow, of course!  

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