Saturday, April 4, 2015

DC Television Round up: Week of 4/4/15


This week of DC shows, we had a variety of development. On iZombie, we see the effect of going too long without brains, as Liv helps Detective Clive track down the true culprit of a pair of murders. On The Flash, we get not one, but TWO versions of the Trickster as we learn the true history behind "Harrison Wells." On Arrow, the pieces have been set by Ra's al Ghul to frame Oliver for not only the murders, but to end his career as the emerald archer. How will our heroes fare? LETS DIVE IN AND FIND OUT!

This week our undead mortician helps herself to the brains of a hitman from a hit and run case. This of course leads to her becoming more emotionally detached, which is great when you find out a former friend has gone full zombie. This episode had a morbid humor about it, and while some of it stuck, other parts didn't. The crime was also pretty interesting being connected through a whole conspiracy, but it just fell flat at the end. This episode was Meh, having the charm it does well, but a weaker story than the previous weeks. It'll get back on top I assume.

The Flash

I'm just going to say this right off the bat. MARK HAMILL STOLE THE SHOW! He was funny, creepy, and all around one of the best villains the Flash has had to date. Now with the fanboying out of the way, the other trickster was okay but eclipsed by Hamill's performance. He needs his own episode to get a better feel of him. The story was fun, with a dramatic twist of Barry's feelings toward Harrison Wells becoming strained. The flashbacks though...they might be the best flashbacks of the show thus far. They were dark, twisted, and the perfect way to explain the origin to the big bad of the current season. If I had to point out one really bad thing about the episode, it would be the reveal at the end. It just seemed forced and unnecessary for the episode to waste that reveal.

If there is a fan over Starling, crap definitely hit it this week! Quentin Lance had essentially declared war on the Arrow and his team as he is thoroughly convinced of all the murders are his fault. Well it turns out, he blames all the supervillains and heroes on him due to the fact he was the first. All the actors do a stellar job in this all out madness. Even Ra's al Ghul, who I haven't been a fan of so far, showed how it is to be a villain, nearly trumping Slade Wilson. There was a few downsides to the episode though. The first unfortunately is just how quickly the entire thing escalated! Lance definitly had the right mindset, but its as if he entirely forgot of all the times he and the arrow worked together for the greater good. The second was the Ray/Felicity just felt out of place and unnecessary. I get we want these two to break up for olicity's sake, but this was a mess. That being said, the episode ended with an arrest that sets the tone for the last 5 episodes of the season.


AND THATS IT FOR THIS WEEK'S TV ROUND UP! What did you think of this week's episodes? Leave a comment and i'll see 2 weeks...damn you breaks!

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