Friday, April 3, 2015

Sinestro Annual #1 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Cullen Bunn
Art By: Martin Coccolo, Victor Ibanez, Andy Kuhn, Daniel Warren Johnson, Mirko Colak, Ronan Cliquet, Jason Wright, Tony Avina

Cover Price: $4.99
Release Date: April 1, 2015

Get To Know Your Fear Lanterns

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

Even though we witnessed Sinestro and his Corps overcome Mongul and the Apex League in the last issue, we don't have time for any of that here because this is the Annual.  That's right folks, let's take a step back from our current Sinestro Corps situation and take a break.  It's time to find out who's killing Corpsmen on New Korugar and as our illustrious leader of fear ponders the situation, he lets us and a couple of his nearest and dearest in on people's secret origins.  Let's check it out and see what makes someone choose fear.

Explain It!:

Our issue begins like the opener said, there's a killer of Fear Lanterns on New Korugar and because Lyssa Drak can't see into the future and view who the killer is, Sinestro takes it upon himself to root the killer out.  Arkillo believes that it's one of the Korugarian survivors that they've saved but Sinestro will hear no part of it.  To find the killer, Sinestro takes Lyssa Drak, Bekka and Soranik down into the inner workings of the former prison planet and as he does, he goes into detail about everyone's backgrounds and what led them to the Sinestro Corps......... Apparently once you put on the ring, it downloads your past into the Book of Parallax.

We start story time off by learning about Bekka having this power to lure people to her since she was a child and after a few creepy scenes where adult New Gods want to gets handsy with the young Bekka, we see Highfather put her special talent to use in his army.  He trains her and teaches her how to be a warrior but eventually this path would lead to GODHEAD and our Bekka putting on the ring.  Next we move on to Lyssa Drak, who's occult obsessed Uncle took her in after her parents died and here it seems like her Uncle would get handsy with her........ damaged childhoods lead to the Sinestro Corps.  Anyway, a handsome man came to their home to look at Lyssa's Uncle's library of occult books but when he is told he can't see the most dangerous books, he seduces Lyssa into taking him to them.  Well, her Uncle found out, killed the man and locked Lyssa in the secret library where she eventually ate the pages to the books and became the monster we know her to be today.  

Sinestro's group continue to walk down into New Korugar when Sinestro begins telling us about Arkillo, who apparently used to be a peaceful faith loving being, but after he couldn't cope with the duality of his god being a savage and a lover of peace, he decided to bring to light the other side of his god to his people that only praised the messages of peace that their god taught.  So Arkillo became a murderer to be more like his god.  On to Rigen Kale, this Fear Lantern fell in love with another Corpsmen but she was pulled into a vortex and when he went to pull her out, the vortex closed and both their rings exploded, shooting pieces of both rings into Rigen's arms.  He's still able to access the yellow light without the ring now but whenever pieces of his love's ring try to find a replacement, he finds them and murders them as a way to protect what is dear to him.

In the end, we get one final story about how Dez Trevius, the most game playing Lantern that I've ever seen was born on a world where their was an upper samurai class and a lower peaceful class and he was one of the lower ones.  He fell in love with someone from the upper class and after learning the ways of fighting and love, he was punished for his acts by his lover being married to someone else.  After he came to him and asked his love to run away with him, his love was outraged that Dez would have him live in squalor for something as fleeting as love........ So of course Dez killed everyone and learned never to trust power because it's something that people will betray you for.  So that's the reason that Dez always plays games in trying to root out a traitor and is so determined that someone be worthy of the power they hold.  As the issue closes we see that whoever the killer is, he's triggered a meltdown within New Korugar as a means to destroy it and even though we remain clueless of who this killer is, Sinestro seems to be on the trolley about it.

That's it for this Annual of Sinestro and even though it wasn't a huge exciting adventure with our Fear Lanterns kicking ass and taking names, it was really cool to get some insight on some of these characters that I had no idea about and didn't really care for because of it.  This Annual was a really cool way to get you to know the who's who of the Sinestro Corps without interrupting our regularly scheduled program with drawn out exposition down the line.  Now there are a shit ton of artists on this book, each telling one of the stories and even though that usually means death for a comic, it really works here and I found myself enjoying aspects of each artist's work.

Bits and Pieces:

If you're looking for a rip roaring space adventure in this Annual you won't find it, but what you will find is an excellent break from those types of stories so you can get to know the Fear Lanterns you love so much.  This was really enjoyable to me because there were a few characters in the Sinestro Corps that I simply didn't like because I knew nothing about them but after reading this, I've gotten a new perspective on these characters and it was a good time while I was being enlightened.  Go check it out and get to know your Sinestro Corps.


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