Saturday, April 11, 2020

Convergence #3 (2015) Review

Be A Little More Kandor and A Little Less Kan'tdor

Written By: Jeff King
Art By: Stephen Segovia, Jason Paz, John Starr, Peter Steigerwald
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: April 22, 2015

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

We're back with another installment of Convergence, where we hope beyond hope that we can finally get past the Earth 2: World's End stuff and can get on with our lives and our superhero stories.  In the last issue, we saw our Earth 2 Wonders take on the mad planet Telos......... and believe it or not, they did a bit of damage against him.  After that, they sought out a city where Green Lantern (after tapping into the planet) believes lies something that might put an end to the Thunder Dome madness.  I actually liked all of that, it's just the World's End revised recap that got me fuming but after that it was smooth sailing with everything that I've already stated and it even had Thomas Wayne reconnect with a version of his son from the Pre-Flashpoint Universe.  As the issue ended our Wonders found the city they were looking for and saved the sorcerer Deimos from Telos' metallic goon squad and he offered to get our Wonders off the planet as a way to show his gratitude.  Let's jump into this issue and see if Deimos is a man of his word and see if Telos returns for a little payback.  Let's check it out.

Explain It!:

Our issue begins with another attack on our Wonders by Telos' drones before they could get Deimos to show them the magic exit off world and man it's a good thing that Batman and Grayson showed up when they did, rocking a bad ass Batmobile because the drones netted up Val-Zod and were about to take him away.......... Leaving our Wonders without their heavy hitter, but it's all good because the Batmobile's weapons took out the robo puppets no problem and besides for the Batmobile getting damaged in the attack, it all went off without a hitch.............. Except for Batman not getting the allies he told everyone that he was going to get in the last issue.  With the danger passed, Deimos is going to show our Wonders the underground realm of Skartaris below, where Green Lantern believes might house a weapon that can be used against Telos.

Speaking of Telos, he's decided that he's going to watch some of his Convergence handiwork and get's frustrated as hell when he realizes that everyone is fighting except for the domed city of Kandor......... Well, we've all been told the rules on what happens if you don't fight over and over again and after Telos goes to the city to demand that they fight, he get's a rebuttal from Kandor's protectors: Nightwing and Flamebird, about how they're no one's puppets................ Yeah, Telos didn't take it too well and destroyed the city just like he threatened he would......... So goodbye Kandor.

In the end, the Wonders follow Deimos to his former city of Skartaris and Batman and Grayson stay behind to buy them some time............ because it turns out that a bunch of Batman's villains followed the Batmobile out of the city and even though this isn't their Batman, they plan on killing him anyway.......... Which sounds like a perfectly villainy thing to do.  Which results in Thomas Wayne making the ultimate sacrifice by setting off explosives on his body when the villains surrounded him.  So a mess of villains and our Earth-2 Batman are dead and before we can catch a breath from all the holy shittery that we just witnessed, Grayson gets shot in the side by Joker............. and for some reason Grayson yells that he can't feel his legs, which I don't fully understand but it doesn't matter because before Joker can put an end to the worst father of Earth-2, Telos shows up, snaps Joker's neck and demands that Grayson tell him where the Earth-2 Wonders are............... That's a hell of a way to end a book!

That's it for this issue of Convergence and man is it a breath of fresh air after reading the last two issues.  Gone is the repetitive information and revised World's End continuity........... Well, except for us seeing Tommy John's ship explode in Grayson's recap last week and here him saying that he'll find his son............... Except for that though, we have ourselves a really decent issue that dishes out the destruction and death that you'd expect from an event like this.  The art was great and I realized here that I really enjoy Stephen Segovia's style and hope to see him more this summer.  This issue really gave me a renewed faith in this event and what it holds for us.  Hopefully the series keeps up the pace and does it's best to keep away from the World's End nonsense.

Bits and Pieces:

Things are happening in this event and they have nothing to do with re-explained information or walks down the World's End memory lane............ and I'm so happy.  This issue explodes with actions and consequence, death and destruction........ It's everything that I had hoped this event could be and I really hope it continues on this path.  A real step up from the last two issues and I think this will really get people on board with Convergence.



  1. I was sad to see Earth-2 Batman go. He was an asshole drug addict but I liked his style.

  2. I think we are supposed to believe that Joker shot Dick in the spine, giving him the killing joke injury that Barbara had which turned her into Oracle.

  3. He was shot on the hip, not the spine. I hope they explore the angle of the time/reality characters being kept in captive

  4. I could go with the whole "Killing Joke" thing if it looked like Joker remotely shot Dick near the spine.

  5. Are they setting up for this Greyson to become Society's Batman, if Thomas is really and truly dead with no ex machina revival in sight? Cuz as of this possible no leg thing I'm thinking his suit would get rigged up something along the lines similar to Injustices Batman. Kinda hoping this Greyson and Thomas Wayne Jr cross paths after this mess, given Owlman's interest in Greyson.

  6. 8 out of 10 what? Missing Pages!
    Is that what you mean..
    Cause this was bone-dry.
    & I will argue that it has the Worst transitions of any DC Mega-event
    ever. & why kill-off The Org. Bottled City (the Krypton capital of Kandor) first??
    Really, what was that.
    That was just tacky! Alittle Jab at Ol'DC vetran readers, by A flat writer.
    I hope BRAINIAC & the REAL "Whatever happened to the Man of Tomorrow" Superman are pist!

    1. I stand by the 8/10, this issue was far superior to the last two issues from Convergence and it's moving the plot forward. The Domed City of Kandor wasn't the first to go, the Injustice Gotham was the first to go and what does it matter if that domed city got destroyed? It was an old timeline, who's universe had been changed that it doesn't even matter.