Thursday, April 9, 2020

Convergence: Supergirl - Matrix #1 (2015) Review

A Big Glob of Nonsense

Written by: Keith Giffen
Art by: Timothy Green II, Joseph Silver, and Hi-Fi
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: April 15, 2015

This Convergence Event has already been a bunch of things...action-packed, mysterious, frustrating, exciting, etc.  One thing it really hasn't been is hilarious.  Well, Keith Giffen wants to change that. In fact, Supergirl - Matrix seems to have that and only that as its goal.  That's right,  Giffen doesn't want you to worry too much about domes, Telos or much of anything except laughing at his patented brand of humor.  Did he succeed?  Follow me and let's find out...

Before I begin my review, I need to tell you a few things.  If you don't enjoy Keith Giffen's humor, you will probably hate this issue.  If you aren't familiar with Matrix, you will probably hate this issue. If you think that the Convergence Event has no room for nonsense, you will probably hate this issue.  However, if you like Giffen's humor and nonsense and are familiar with still may hate this issue.  You've been warned.

The issue opens with Supergirl and Lex Luthor hanging out in the Metropolis park watching the pigeons.  I don't know if you've read Convergence: Batgirl, but I am surprised that pigeon isn't the new delicacy under the dome.  I guess they don't play that in Metropolis.  Anyway, Lex insults Supergirl enough to get ridiculous just as the dome goes down.  After the most abbreviated version of Telos' speech, Lex gives Supergirl a job...use his "teleportation finder thingy" to discover a way off of the planet.  This may all be goofy fun, but it is one of the most spot-on representations of Lex in Convergence so far.  Cities be damned, he wants to save his own ass.

Speaking of asses, Supergirl flies off to do her duty and runs right into Lord Volt and Lady Quark. This is where your mileage may vary depending on your love (or hate) of Giffen's sense of humor. We get double (maybe triple) entendre, juvenile bickering...and this is just between Quark and Volt! The married villains may not be out of the closet (yet), but you could have fooled Supergirl or each other.  The best moment is when they mention they have a daughter and it throws Supergirl off for the rest of the issue.  Even though I enjoyed the dialogue at first, it got old really fast.  It also got so confusing at one point that you can't convince me that there was an editing mistake.

Of course, there was also some action, but it was quick and really didn't have much substance to it.  It just happens.  Supergirl punches Lord Volt and then she uses her telekinesis on Lady Quark.  It was fun to see Volt get his face bashed in, but the Quark bit just felt like it was there to remind the reader that this isn't any normal Supergirl.  As if it wasn't enough that Lex keeps reminding everyone any chance he gets.

The issue ends with Supergirl face-to-face with Ambush Bug who has a lot of luggage and just maybe the ticket off the planet.

I usually like Keith Giffen's humor, but this issue just felt forced and overly silly.  I'm not saying that the Convergence Event should be null of any humor, but an issue so over-the-top made me a bit angry.  I really read like Keith Giffen didn't give a crap what anyone wanted, he was going to do it his way.  His way fell short in my opinion.

I did like Timothy Green's art for the most part.  It fit the story and the period the characters came from.  I wasn't a huge fan of his Ambush Bug, but I loved Lord Volt and his crazy expressions.

Bits and Pieces:

Please believe me when I tell you that I'm a big fan of nonsensical fun.  I really am, but while this issue is full of just that, in the scheme of the Convergence Event, it felt off.  I wish I could recommend this issue, but as it stands, I cannot.  Unless yo9u are a huge Giffen fan or want everything involving Lord Volt (or maybe the other characters involved), you can pass on this issue. I kind of wish I had.



  1. This issue seemed like a total farce, nobody was taking anything seriously. Supergirl confronts Lady Quark and Lord Volt, but they are too busy bickering with each other to pay much attention to her. How can you have a proper fight if two supposed allies can't get along?

    1. Keith Giffen's "humor" is hit or miss for me and unfortunately, it missed here. It felt out of place in the Event and actually got me angry as I read it.

  2. I was glad to see Ambush Bug. I wish this had been Convergence: Ambush Bug