Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Convergence #7 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Jeff King, Scott Lobdell
Art By: Aaron Lopresti, Mark Morales, Peter Steigerwald
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: May 20, 2015

And Boom Goes The Reality

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

It's time to converge everyone and to get you all caught up on what's been going down, I'm going to drop a little knowledge on you....... or just tell you things that you already know and piss you off a little...... Either way, let's do this.  So in the last issue of Convergence, we saw the New 52 Prime Universe watch in horror as the planet Telos started forcing itself into their universe.......... we also saw a bunch of characters that didn't belong there, but don't worry we'll get into that in a minute.  After that bit of nonsense, we jumped into the thick of it as heroes from all over space and time collected allies to fight against Deimos.  Only problem is that Deimos promised that if people fought for him, they could live.  So it's a grand battle with characters throughout DC's history, fighting among themselves for control of their future.  Let's jump into this issue and see if our heroes can overcome Deimos or if the black sorcerer means the end of everything.  Let's check it out.

Explain It!:

Here I thought that all of the mistakes in the last issue were a simple flub and that it couldn't possibly be repeated....... I'm talking about the New 52 section where a still Red Lantern Guy Gardner and his "dead" Red Lanterns were present at the birth of the planet Telos' in their reality and on top of them we had a still living Batman, which I could forgive because he just died, but we had the original Guardians of The Universe watching, Jediah Caul and Captain K-Rot from Threshold and even Blue Beetle, who we haven't seen since that series ended.  Just a strange lot of characters that shouldn't have been there watching the end of everything.  In this issue, we continue the nonsense.  At first we have the Oracle standing in front of the planet Telos as it comes into that Universe and then the next thing we know, he's facing the Justice League Watchtower.......... that somehow made it's way into deep space and the Oracle's gravity is pulling Cyborg, Wonder Woman and Batman into him........... and not the Watchtower, somehow, he's actually pulling them towards him.  If that wasn't enough, somehow we have Superman saving Apollo and The Engineer from an unseen threat, where I guess they got hurt and taking them to the Watchtower where Guy Gardner is magically a Green Lantern, but is still talking about his  Red Lanterns.  This whole opener is a confusing mess and the only real takeaway is that for the first time since creation, the Oracle can't see the future, which he takes as he's about to die.

We head back to the planet Telos, where our two factions are beating the living hell out of each other and really as juvenile as it seems, this is what I've wanted all along.  Just a big ass battle that someone can someday turn into the best fighting video game that we comic fans have ever seen............ Sadly it doesn't really last too long.  After a bunch of #TeamDeimos overhear Yolanda Montez saying that Deimos wants to see everyone dead because it will fuel his power, it all becomes a bunch of people apologizing for the choices that they've made.  Luckily we have Telos show up like a goddamn genie out of a bottle, with his new best friend Dick Grayson and we begin to see the real fight for our heroes' future begin.  As big and bad as Telos is though, he certainly takes one hell of an ass whoopin' from Deimos and it's only after an intervention from Parallax that we see the sorcerer go down......... but not before Deimos gives out a reality shattering yell of "Die", when referring to Parallax and our New 52 heroes hear it and then see versions of Superman, Supergirl and Martian Manhunter throughout DC's history and then ask themselves why what they saw seemed so familiar........... dolts.

In the end, after Deimos is destroyed and Telos has no way of finding out whether he was a Chuck or a Dwayne........... you know, since all he really cares about is finding out what his name is, we find out that with no vessel holding the power of the Time Masters, the power is just free to shoot through the Universe....... and with the planet for some reason forcing itself into the New 52 Universe, this means that our regular heroes are going to have themselves a very bad day.  As the energy shoots off the planet, we see the Oracle breaking apart, but he grabs a hold of Superman and Supergirl, shielding them from the blast as he tells them that their future is unknown.  As the issue closes it looks like everyone but Superman and Supergirl are dead............... and if everyone isn't dead it's complete bullshit because we see people without powers just floating in space...............dead......... Oh and all of reality is apparently shattering.

That's it for this issue of Convergence and at this point in the story I have no idea what the creators are going for.  We have no reason for Telos forcing itself into the New 52 Universe, we have no continuity with the characters that are presented here and even more frustrating we had a Red Lantern Guy Gardner last issue and had a Green Lantern Guy Gardner here.  Oh and just so I can put my bitchery aside, there is no reason that I've seen from the tie-ins to this event that the Kingdom Come characters should fight with Deimos....... That is all.  Besides for all that though, the art was fantastic and for as brief as it was, I really dug seeing all these characters throw down with each other.  I'm really curious to see how any of this will have a satisfying end, I've come this far though and I'll remain optimistic that it will pull it off even though this has been a very humdrum event at best.

Bits and Pieces:

Having heroes throughout time and space fighting one another might come off as a very simple plot, but it's something that I've really wanted to see in this event and even though it's very brief here, it should give you a nerdgasm at the sight of it.  Besides for that and some really excellent art, this issue really has the feeling of things simply happening "just because" and doesn't do much to boost my opinion of this event.



  1. I kind of find it funny...the thing that brought me into comics was a collected edition of Emerald Twilight...
    The first villain that brought me into the DC the one that breaks the DC Universe...Thanks Parallax

    1. Not the first time he broke the universe, he did so in Zero Hour.

  2. Okay we're settled then. Flash and Green Lantern are the most important characters in DC. Flash creates worlds and Green Lantern destroys them

    1. There both the worst! There always changing things

  3. Unless there's going to be some huge Patrick Duffy in the shower reveal for the final issue, I think this book has been the lamest part of Convergence. Do we even know that the planet invading Earth Prime space is Telos? It seemed to be the embodiment of some big rock guy whose name I forget. Why is Telos friends with Dick Grayson? Why did any hero believe Deimos to begin with? The thing is that this will supposedly culminate in the deaths of certain timelines and I could really care less. Talk about being under a dome, this whole book seems like it's under a dome of self-referential bullhockey!