Sunday, May 17, 2015

DC Comics Mystik U Coming in October with Some Familiar Faces

I recently interviewed Alisa Kwitney for our Five Questions With... column (full interview is HERE) and when I asked her what she is working on at the moment, she responded with "Mystik U".  I had already known that she was working on the book, though I had seen it listed as "Mystic U" up until then.  She told me,

I'm working on Mystik U, a new monthly DC comic about a college for magical folk. There's a mixture of new characters, like the brooding illegit son of a dark warlock, and also some familiar faces, like Rose Psychic and Cain and Abel. It's coming out in October, a fittingly witchy month."

Well, that's more than I had heard up until now and has me very excited for the book.  I figures it was going to be a Dark Universe school based book, but now we have an age range and some characters.  Rose Psychic is character that is connected to Dr. Occult who is DC Comics oldest character.  Recently, she was featured in Injustice: Year Three Annual #1 and was a character in Neil Gaiman's The Books of Magic.

Cain and Abel are based on the biblical brothers and were featured in DC's old "Mystery" line of books.  The appeared in multiple books and were also featured in Neil Gaiman's Sandman series and The Books of Magic.  I sense a trend here and it makes sense as she was involved with Gaiman,  writing The Sandman: King of Dreams

Later in the interview, Alisa mentions, 

"...places like Hudson, Poughkeepsie and Kingston, where there are still hungry artists and cheap old cool houses and wild magic. (Which is why I'm setting Mystik U there.)"

So...We have an early cast of characters and a setting.  I'm sure we will find out more in the days to come and I am really looking forward to seeing how this book turns out.


  1. Wait...i remember those 2 injustice...where constantine got them killed....

    1. yep...maybe the dark brooding ilegit son has something to do with Constantine??!!

  2. So its neither a spinoff of Dark Universe or that bad Klarion book. Gosh this sounds good.