Friday, May 22, 2015

Top 5 Fridays: Best Villains of DC Television This Season

Welcome back to another Top 5 Friday! If you didn't read last weeks, this is part of a three list tribute to DC television. If you haven't seen the list for DC television's Top 5 heroes click HERE. This week we will be looking at the other side of the coin; The Villains. This list was a bit harder to make than the heroes one, due to there being a lot of memorable villains this season on all of the shows. I want to remind everyone this list is restricted to THIS past season, as to give a fair chance to all the shows. ENOUGH RAMBLING LETS BEGIN!

5: The Ogre
This villain might have shown up in the show late in the season, but his short time has left quite the impact. He has changed one of the least liked characters, Barbara, into a psychopath, has had Jim go on his wits end, and overall just was a blast to watch. Out of all the characters the show has created, THIS ONE would be the most likely to exist in our world. A serial killer who preys on women, and threatens anyone who is investigating him. This villain gave me the creeps the moment he became clingy with a one-night standee. The feeling got worse when we actually see his "murder room," pictures of his victims lined up in a suitcase. All of this because his "mother" treating him so badly as a child. This man is a creep and he will forever haunt Gotham.

4: Ras' Al Ghul
I won't lie. This villain did not impress me in the first few episodes he was in. However he became more and more interesting as the season continued, especially when he began his attempt at turning Oliver into his successor. Ras' proved his skills and cunning over and over throughout the back half of the season, making him a good villain to come after Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke. Where Slade would use his season to try and break the man, Ras' went a little bigger. He broke the Arrow in all senses. He broke him physically by stabbing him and pushing him off a cliff, causing the chance of rising crime in Starling. He broke him emotionally when he killed his sister, his only family left. However the most important breaking was when he broke him spiritually, by turning his city against him. This man fought on all fronts, like a Demon should.

3: Captain Cold
This one is probably the most fun on the list, and for good reason. My favorite episodes in the season were definitely the Rogue episodes, and he's the reason why. Captain Cold was one of the characters the show HAD to get right, and thankfully they did.  He was clever, devious, quick witted, and most importantly fun. He provided the obvious other end of the coin for the Flash. People can argue that other villains are better opposites for the Flash, but personally I believe THIS is the true arch villain for the Scarlet Speedster. If neither of these two had their powers or weapons, they would still probably be the ones that faced one another. Though its going to be strange seeing him in Legends of Tomorrow, I will welcome him to face the Flash any day.

2: Penguin
Gotham has always been split with DC's fanbase since the moment it aired. Some people like the reimagined character origins, while others feel it tarnishes the Batman mythos. That being said, there is ONE character that both sides agree on. That character is Oswald Cobblepot. Look at all the trials and tribulations he has been through in the first season. Coming from the household of the over-bearing mother, Gertrude Kupelput(what is it with DC and messed up mothers), Oswald tries to make his way up in the crime world. After almost getting whacked, courtesy of Fish Mooney, he makes it his goal to rise to the top. He moves all the players of the crime families into a gunfire line with one another, while trying to rise in the ranks of either Falcone's or Maroni's gangs. By the end of the season, he finally has become the only real mob boss in Gotham. His story started with him holding the umbrella, but now he owns the city...and all it took was a few men and some manipulation.

1: Reverse-Flash
This is biggest villain of DC television, mainly because he had a little of everyone above. Like Penguin, he was able to manipulate EVERYONE working at, or with STAR Labs into helping him find a way home. Like Ras', he is cunning, always planning five moves ahead and is willing to KILL anyone that gets in his way. Like The Ogre, the Reverse-Flash creeps out people, mostly just standing there, staring into the heroes souls with his glowing red eyes. Finally, just like Captain Cold, he is FUN. It is fun to see two speedsters go at one another, even if the stakes are high. This villain is a near perfect amalgamation of what makes the others so great! Its a shame to see him gone so soon, but hopefully they either find a new Reverse-Flash(Looking at you wormhole with Eddie in it. Make a Hunter Zolomon situaton!), or find a "wibbly wobbly timey wimey" explanation for him to return.

Thats it for this weeks Top 5 list on DC television villains! What did you think? Leave a comment and I'll see you next time!

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