Saturday, May 30, 2015

Convergence: World's Finest #2 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Paul Levitz
Art By: Jim Fern, Ron Wagner, Joe Rubinstein, Wayne Faucher, Jose Marzan Jr., Paul Mounts
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: May 27, 2015

2001: A Scribbly Jibbet Odyssey 

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

Man, was the first issue to this two-parter a downer, but it was able to go above and beyond and make me a fan to something I had worries about going in.  A Scribbly Jibbet joint?  When I want to see a pure Seven Soldiers of Victory story.......... nonsense.  Who knew it would go and touch me in a way that I'm not ashamed to show people on a doll where it was and make it one of my favorites of last month's Crisis titles.  As for the downer parts, we saw before the dome came down that Green Arrow and Speedy were killed and during our heroes time under the dome, Stripesy would get sick and without proper dome HMO, he died of pneumonia.  Once the dome was lifted though we saw things turn around as Sir Justin's youth was restored and he was chosen to represent Metropolis against their Qwardian opponents......... hopefully Scribbly Jibbet doesn't get him killed.  Let's check it out.

Explain It!:

Our story begins with Sir Justin going up against a Qwardian weaponer and of course, even though Scribbly wants to help, he falls victim to his own awkward clumsiness and fall of Sir Justin's horse Victory and gets left behind as Telos transports the two combatants to a more suitable arena........... which looks like a Medieval Times restaurant arena and I'm not sure if those places are still around but after reading this book, I kind of want to go to one........... it feels like something everyone should do at least once.  Back on the streets of Metropolis, Starman and Vigilante decide that they should get off their lazy asses and help Sir Justin out, but unlike any other Convergence title that we've seen, Telos is just standing around like a giant, watching the action and decides that if these heroes want to fight, he'll transport a shit ton of Qwardians to them, even though their fight doesn't matter.  Dick move Telos, dick move.

Well, while Starman and Vigilante start to get their hands dirty, Scribbly Jibbet thinks that he's better suited to help Sir Justin and begins a trek to find him........... even though he has no idea where Telos put him and the Qwardian............ or maybe he just wanted some Medieval Times chicken and got lucky in the process because that little doodling bastard finds Shining Knight.  We go on back and forth between Sir Justin's fight, where he just wants the Qwardian to team up with him to fight Telos and back to Vigilante and Starman, who know that they're going to probably die in their fight but don't let that stop them from high fiving to boost their morale.

In the end, Scribbly Jibbet actually comes to Sir Justin's rescue and is now considered one of the Seven Soldiers of Victory........ Well, the Four Soldiers now, but because of Sir Justin's knight code, he will not kill the Qwardian and Telos decrees some shit about them meeting their original fate and as we close this issue Sir Justin and Scribbly walk back to their city, Vigilante and Starman look to be dying, Qwardians continue to kill people in the streets.......... dinosaurs show up and people turn into cavemen............. I half expected Scribbly to turn into a star child out of nowhere.  So yeah, everything was destroyed with nonsense or simply existed in Scribbily's mind........The End.

That's it for Convergence: World's Finest and while the beginning really showed promise, it all fell apart at the end and made me scratch my head at what went down.  While I've complained about writers coming up with their own rules throughout these tie-ins, this one has got to be the weirdest, where Telos stands over the combatants like they're children and then punishes them immediately when they don't follow the rules of the game........ or at least I think he punished them........ still not completely clear on what went down at the end, so who knows.  What I'm getting at here is, even though the art remained great, this issue's story just wasn't as grabbing as the first issue and really let me down in the end.

Bits and Pieces:

The Four Soldiers of Victory really had their hands full in this issue and while normally that would sound pretty bad ass, here it comes off like they just needed something for the other characters to do and it just didn't feel right.  Combine that with a disappointing, confusing ending and we have a book that really dipped in quality from it's first issue.  Besides for the art being really strong, this is a comic that really disappoints.



  1. Towards the end it looks like after they won, Telos immediently transported them to crisis on infinite earths. Cause on the earth 2 end of things, it involved time shattering, the world falling apart, time displacement calling up dinosaurs and cavemen and future gangsters, and nearly everyone from earth 2 was dead by the time the worlds merged.

    1. Yeah, I thought that too but it was just so out of place from what we've seen in any other book and by the end it seemed like it all might have been how Scribbly imagined the end.