Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Fanboy Theories: Batman's Endgame


To those who haven't learned yet, there is a new Batman hitting the streets of Gotham in June's comic line up. Jim Gordon will be piloting a power suit with the finest technology Powers Corp. can manufacture. They felt a need to make this grandiose Batman as the original "died" at the end of Joker's Endgame.  I use quotes because the fact remains that in the case of the Justice Leagues books, he is alive. It is only a matter of time until he comes back to Gotham, ready to take back his role and take down the imposter...or will he? When he returns, he will definitely retake his place as the protector...but I don't think he's going to let the robot suit go. I believe Scott Snyder has ANOTHER "Endgame" planned. I don't mean Batman is going to destroy the city, I think, with the help of this new Batman, he's going to make sure its protected FOREVER!
Let us first take a look at the new Batman in action. This Batman seems to have been designed to take down the bigger and tougher enemies. We see in the Detective Comics Preview that this new Batman suit has enough power to catch a SWAT van tumbling down the highway. As expected, it is designed to PROTECT and serve the people, able to handle the damage that could be dealt with a weakened Superman in the Superman/Batman preview. Finally it has been given the ability to fly, most likely to deal with any criminals going airborne such as a Man-Bat.
Why do I bring these things up? The answer is simple. There has been a Batman who had such abilities(and more to an extent). A Hero that has recently put in the main DC earth. That hero is Terry McGinnis aka Batman Beyond, and HE IS THE ENDGAME! The suit Batman Beyond wears is a more high tech and sleek version of Gordon's suit. The Future suit is able to take on cyborgs from the future, no matter the size. As we see in Future's End #1, he fights the cyborg Plastique, and killing it by PUNCHING A HOLE THROUGH ITS HEAD! Even if the monster of the future was weakened by the time jump, it would take a MASSIVE amount of power to punch through solid metal. The Beyond suit can also fly, from the boots rather than the back like the Gordon one. However there is one major difference in the design of both suits. Since Gordon is untrained by the Batman, he won't be as agile and light on his feet. The added armor would help with the mistakes. In comparison, Beyond's armor wouldn't need that extra armor, as it would allow him to be more agile, as Batman has always been.

However the question remains...What pieces Robo-Batman and Batman Beyond together? What made me even consider the two characters could be connected? I turn your attention up at the key clue in the blueprint at the start of the article. The creators of the new Batman... POWERS CORP. To those who don't recognize that name, it's the name to Batman Beyond's first real enemy. Derek Powers aka BLIGHT. As always Powers seems to profiteering in any way they can, even if it isn't Derek pulling the strings.  Powers Corp. is the key to bringing things back to the status quo. If Bruce returns and makes allies with the New Batman, the pair could work together to return the status quo both on and off the streets. Bruce Wayne could return and try to make a deal with Powers Corp, to help fund new projects, creating Wayne/Powers in time. After an incident with Robo-Batman(perhaps Gordon's way of quitting), Powers Corp. would shut down the project, leaving a perfectly good suit, and systems for any caped crusader to take and improve upon.

Scott Snyder isn't allowed to kill Batman, so he did something better. He opened the door to have Batman live in Gotham even after Bruce is gone. He created the transition for the future. The pieces for Batman Beyond are there...all we do now is wait for the game to begin.

Thats it for this week's Theory! What do you think of my connection between the new and future Batmen? Do you have any theories you want to see looked into? Leave a comment and remember...


  1. Will the Son of Batman come into play?

    1. I really doubt it. He's off flying big hairy monsters at the moment