Friday, May 29, 2015

Top 5 Fridays: Memorable Moments of DC Television

Welcome to the final week of the DC television Top 5's of the season! If you just found this list, don't forget to check the Top 5 lists for HEROES and VILLAINS ! This week were going to see what I believe are the best moments of the television season. These could be happy, sad, or just plain epic! All of DC's shows have had excellent defining moments over the course of this one season, and we are going to keep it that way by restricting it to it. Enough lallygagging, LETS START!

5: Constantine's Power of Intention

I personally don't like the character of Constantine; he's a gigantic jerk, and I don't see how anyone could like him. However I watched the first episode to give the series a taste...I enjoyed it. Matt Ryan played a perfect Constantine, and this was the moment that showed me not only that he was meant to play the character, but perhaps the character wasn't such a bad guy after all(until I read Injustice Year Three). In the climax of the first episode, you see the character perform an exorcism. The demon, as demons often do, tries to trick him by showing him a past mistake; Astra, the girl he sent to hell, in pain. When the side character reveals its not actually the girl, he angrily states that he's coming for her AND the demon he gave her to, then finally banishes the demon back to hell...You see in his eyes the pain of regret of a man who has hurt a LOT of people around him, all thanks to the fantastic portrayal by Matt Ryan. Constantine may not get a TV treatment anytime soon, but if they were to make another movie, Ryan is the man to call.

4: The Fall of the Arrow

The first battle between Ras' Al Ghul and Oliver Queen might have been one of the more depressing moments of the season. We wanted to believe that Ollie could win. We wanted to believe that he would go back home to Starling, and finally be with Felicity. At that point, we couldn't have that. We see Ras' toying with him, showing how outclassed our Emerald Archer truly was in the fight. We see him give the Demon a workout, but in the end he gets a sword in his chest. This is where the memorable part comes in. As Ras' recites a prayer, we see Oliver's final thoughts...thoughts of his mother...his sister...and finally Felicity. His final thoughts were of the people he cared the most about...and then, just like that...Ras' kicks him off his sword. It was a depressing day for DC television to see Arrow to go through such a beat down... that his final thoughts were of his most loved ones...and then finally the plummet...

3: Edward Nygma snaps

I will admit that Edward Nygma did NOT start off well with me. I felt he told to many riddles for his early days, and people called him out on it. That being said, I soon found something that made me like him a little more. He has a good heart and a girl he aims to please. Instead of being a creep, as most Gotham men are, he tries time and time again to either impress her with his intelligence or gifts. Unfortunately, she tended to get herself in relationships with the worst kind of men. As the series progressed, I rooted for Ed in his efforts to win the love of Ms.Kringle....and then he goes and stabs her abusive boyfriend... then leaves a fake note, with a neat clue hidden away. Ms. Kringle however is not dumb, and notices said clue...and it finally happens. I like his snapping as it shows exactly what is wrong with the Riddler. He truly is an insane mastermind, who has a very bad habit of leaving riddles and clues. This habit built up over the season, and when someone he thought less intelligent figures out a clue he thought was well hidden, it came out in a creepy montage of him slamming the cabinets, speaking to himself, spitting out riddles, and then finally looking out at the audience. This was probably the best way to end Ed's arc for the first season, and a perfect way to set up his future as the Riddler.

2: Arrow/Flash Team up

Do I really need to explain what makes this entire event so special? We have the Arrow that we've already had two seasons to root for, teaming up with the upcoming hero at the time, the Flash. A Vigilante teaming up with a meta-human. The Brave and the Bold! This event  is amazing as it showed the main differences in the shows. On Flash's episode, we see Arrow and Flash go against one another in an insane comic fight that wouldn't happen anywhere else except one place; Comics. The craziness of the comic world then drifted over to the Arrow episode, but still had the dark drama the show was known for. While Arrow tries setting a realistic brooding setting for the show, The Flash knows it isn't realistic and decides to pull out all the comic stops! The mixture of both shows produced excellence, and I can't wait for next years crossover!

1: Barry says goodbye to his Mother

I am not going to lie...this was hard for me to watch. Throughout the season, we've seen Barry do everything in his power to try and find the Reverse Flash. In the end, he finally catches him, and gets a chance to save his mother...When he goes back, he decides not to. However he did change ONE thing, and this is where the actors shined. Barry gets the chance to say goodbye to his mother, and you can see the pain and sadness in Grant Gustin's eyes as he reveals who he is to his mother. I felt my heart break as Nora Allen finally slipped away, and Barry was left there crying...So why is this spot number one? Its because he decided to stay on his path...This is the moment he's always wanted to change, and he decides not to because he has now fully accepted the man, and the hero, he is destined to be. All he had to do was finally let go.

That's it for the Top 5's of the 2014-15 Season of DC TV! What was your favorite moments? Leave a comment, and i'll see you next week!

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