Thursday, May 14, 2015

DC Television: Supergirl Trailer First Look

Its not a Man

Well CBS has just released its first trailer for the upcoming Supergirl TV Series. As the site's "TV guy," I felt I should give the trailer a watch.


Twenty-four-year-old Kara Zor-El, who was taken in by the Danvers family when she was 12 after being sent away from Krypton, must learn to embrace her powers after previously hiding them.The Danvers teach her to be careful with her powers, until she has to reveal them during an unexpected disaster, setting her on her journey of heroism.


So theres a few things I have issues with in this trailer. First off...this feels like a women empowerment movie. DON'T GET ME WRONG, I don't mind empowered women, they are equal to men. But if you're going to have a subplot of Supergirl trying to prove herself an equal every single week, I won't lie, you are going to get bored. Women of the DC universe are already powerful enough without the overtones of women empowerment looming. For an appropriate example, I point to both of the Canaries of Arrow. While Sara kicked more ass than the Arrow did, Laurel was making rising in the legal world. Both women were never seen as less in the show. They were seen as EQUALS. Laurel was kinda the damsel in distress in season one, but she grew out of that and now is a critical protector of the city and is an equal to Oliver. Sara was no different, she was on equal fields of respect as the others.
Another thing I have an issue with is the recreation of certain characters. Cat Grant I've seen as a stereotypical Blondie, with some good in her...NOT THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA! However a HUGE change is with Jimmy-I mean James Olsen. Olsen has always been the comedy bit of the superman mythos-A klutzy, silly, but in the end good hearted. DOES THAT MAN LOOK LIKE A KLUTZ? Now I forgive this slightly, mainly because of the "logic" that two klutzy people getting together in a show is impossible.
Despite my complaints...I see some promise here. The action looks amazing, the premise seems interesting, and most importantly; This is a good Supergirl. It might not be the cold, non-human side that the new 52 has pushed forward, but I genuinely want to see more of her and her adventures.

So faithful reader, what did you think of Supergirl? leave a comment and i'll see you next time!


  1. if they leave out the forced rom-com crap, they'll have an awesome show on their hands! i hope they give her realistic limits, too, or this will get old pretty quick. here, she's already flying while clark in smallville took a while to get there. i like the james olsen in this. but like i said, that rom-com crap (with a side order of misogyny) has got to go (get my coffee!).

    1. know it's going to go heavy Rom-Com! I wish it wouldn't, though. I am not a huge fan of James Olsen mainly because he is too confident to be Jimmy. After all that...I can't wait for this show

    2. It's funny to me that you dig the Jimmy Olsen because that's the biggest problem that I have with this show. He's too damn handsome and confident........... He comes off like he should be a superhero. I need a nerdy little ginger prancing around taking pictures.

    3. i think that schtick is played out and wouldn't work well on modern audiences, though yes that is the traditional jimmy. (having said that, they still decided to go with the rom-com angle, as if that's not played out and insulting.) i think kara should be a more unsure, unconfident hero (but not over the top). she has every reason to be, that's for sure. honestly, i don't even know why jimmy is in this, but if he is, then i want a better version of him.

    4. i don't know if I want anyone "prancing around"