Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Fanboy Theories: Who is the Arkham Knight

A Darker Knight

Since the first image of the titular Arkham Knight was revealed, the DC community has begun to wonder who he is? All we know at the moment is that he wants to become the new Batman. He wants to take control of the city and watch as Batman dies. That is it, that is pretty much it! This guy is a complete enigma(NOT RIDDLER) that it has set the theorists of the world on an investigation of epic proportions. Joker Clones, Robots; you name it, the people have said it. As one who is an obvious theorist of the DC universe, I felt it was time that I gave my two cents on who this Knight is. I spent a week scrounging up any evidence I could help establish my theory and am prepared to reveal it to you! Could it be a long lost partner? Could it be a ploy from a more powerful and dangerous evil? Could I just read the Friday comics every week until I get my straight forward answer? Enough my incessant ramblings, lets take a look behind that mask!

Theory 1: Jason Todd

This is more of a fan theory than a personal one, but I feel he is just as much of a possibility as the other theories. Jason Todd is going to be in the final installment of the Arkham series as Red Hood DLC. Most people consider that the end of the road for the second Robin. He became an anti hero that felt that the only way to end the threat of a villain is by killing them. That sounds an awful lot like a new Knight that has come into the spotlight. The training, weapons, even voice actor give heavy clues of Todd being the Arkham Knight. However there is just one issue with this does he get his gear? By the looks of the picture, he's kind of...underfunded. With just pistols and a hoodie(that bat symbol is painted on by the way), theres no way HE could fund an army...but what if he had some help...someone who technically owns the name Arkham...The one in charge of the Asylum...The one who built the City...What if Quincy Sharpe, trying to reedeem his name, creates the Arkham Knight from a boy who wants to save his city?

Theory 2: The Heretic
Lets rewind the clock to the first trailer to this epic finale. We get the will of Thomas Wayne to Bruce. Its a nice father-son letter that expresses faith in him. A very odd way to start the final chapter of the Arkham series. One might say its just a good way to come full circle(As it is the will and testament of his father, whose death inspired him to be the bat), but it mentions a lot of parent-esque lets rewind a little further Arkham City...where Ras Al Ghul, Talia, and their League of Assassins. Those are some MAJOR enemies just to have one and done of. I feel they are coming back, and they are letting the villains run rampant. Why? Because they have The Heretic! The Heretic, to those who don't know, is a clone of Damien Wayne...the SON of Batman. Perhaps that is the reason the trailer was full of parental pride...the Arkham Knight could be blood to the Dark Knight. He wants to take the mantle of the protector of Gotham, just as The Heretic did. He would first let Gotham fall with it's protector. This would kill two birds with one stone. He would be fulfilling his Grandfather's pursuit for cleansing the city, and it would give him the chance to become the Dark Knight; remade into something...better.

Theory 3: He really isn't there!
Before anyone points at me and makes fun of this theory, hear me out. The Arkham Knight is helping the Scarecrow with his villains...What seems to be the issue here? Why would the Arkham Knight help this cabal of villains? As you see in the picture, he is practically working alongside Scarecrow! Perhaps this is not because of the Knight but Scarecrow himself. This villain is known for one thing; Fear. This fear is brought out with gas, that whether planned or not, Batman gets sprayed with it. What if he is sprayed with it very early in game...what would be his fear now? Joker is gone...his opposite side of the coin is gone...what if Batman was time to be serious...time to take control of the city...he has the money to fund a small army. He doesn't need a cape, and the mouth opening is just an easy target. However the more important question he could ask himself is...What if the villain doesn't reform? What if he/she has to be put down...Its these changes that could turn the Dark Knight into and Arkham one...and that is truly TERRIFYING.

Thats it for my theories on the Arkham Knight! Who do you think is under the mask? Do you think my theories are full of it? Leave a comment and remember...
When it comes to the DC universe, QUESTION EVERYTHING!

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