Friday, May 15, 2015

Top 5 Fridays: Heroes of DC Television This Season

The season finales of both Gotham and Arrow have recently aired, and whether or not you like the show or not, we can all agree the shows had some fantastic heroes, villains, and moments. In honor of the start of these shows and continuation of others, the next three top 5 lists are going to be centered around DCTV's greatest heroes, villains, and moments. Lets get this trio of lists underway with the heroes! Now there is one rule to this list. I am referring to this television season instead of a full run of their shows. If we allowed a full run of their shows, then Arrow's characters would probably get number one in everything. Enough with my rambling lets begin!

5: James Gordon

Starting off our list is one of the most human heroes anyone can meet in the DC television universes. He is tough, but has his goals in the right place. He wants to do whats right in a city whose cops are dirtier than the streets. He doesn't turn a blind eye to crime, and does everything in his power to bring the scum in. Does he have to get dirty though? Unfortunately he does, but just like Gordon in the comics, he continues to try and stay on the up and up. This is still his early years so obviously he still has a very long way to go before becoming the Commissioner that the city deserves, and the one it needs. Despite the complaints I have about Gotham, one of the few things that is good through out is this boy in blue.

4: The Atom

This character legitimately surprised me. I won't lie, when I first read a comic with the Atom, he legitimately bored me. He had a good heart, but besides him being a brilliant scientist, nothing seemed compelling to me(except for his lunatic of a wife). I was afraid he was going to be boring on Arrow as well. However the moment he walked in saying he was buying queen industries, showed his plans to help the city, all with a big goofy smile, he won me over. The show does a very good job fleshing him out, without ripping off another armored billionaire that might have a successful movie career. He's funny, he's brave, but more importantly, he's a hero. He leaps in without the armor to help where he can, but once he gets that suit on, its go time. Does he need training? Of course. Will I be watching him closely in Legends of Tomorrow? Your darn right I am.

3: Arrow

That's right. The hero that started this revival of DC television shows is only number three this season. The reason for this is that he constantly wants to fly solo or take the lead. This was both a blessing and a curse to the character. As we saw over the season, he lead his troops effectively, but he saw them just as that-Troops. It wasn't till halfway through the season that he saw Diggle and Roy as equals. The positive to this kind of personality shows that he truly cares for his friends, Felicity, and his city. When Ras' threatens his family and friends, he doesn't call in Barry for help, he heads off to face the demon himself. He is ready to die, as long as everyone and everything he cares for is safe. Even when he is being a deceptive jerk, he keeps the safety of his loved ones safe. He might be a jerk, but hes a jerk with the heart of a hero.

2: Flash

Barry is probably one of the most morally sound heroes of the DC roster, and its good to see him young and starting out. Despite being the "Fastest Man Alive", its nice to see him make mistakes, but also overcome said mistakes. He wants to go back in time to save his mom, but that doesn't distract him from helping his city. If you saw the amount of time passed in the show's story, you could see that he could have gone back at any time. He CHOSE not to go back, because if he did, there would be no one to protect his city. It's not like Starling that has a vigilante popping out of the woodwork every other week. In fact, there is more villains popping up rather than heroes!That doesn't matter though, because no matter how large the obstacle, whether it be a telepathic gorilla, a mad scientist with control of robot bees, or even his mother's killer, Flash never backs down until he has won.

1: Arsenal

I assume most are probably surprised by this, but I ask you to actually think about it. Look at what Roy has gone through this season. He became the hero he was destined to become and while he was a sidekick in the beginning, it changed when Oliver went to fight Ras'. He lead the way and protected his city, forever haunted by his past. However the good truly showed in his last few episodes.When Ras' revealed the identity of the Arrow to the police, who was the one who stepped up to take the blame? Who was the one who allowed his life to "end" to make it look like the Arrow had died? Who let Thea go so she could have a better life as the new Speedy? Answer: Arsenal. I will miss him being a near regular character, and I hope you all see why I consider him the greatest hero in the season.

Thats it for my top 5 heroes to the DC television universe! What did you think of it? Do you think im full of it? Leave a comment and i'll see you next week for the Top 5 Villains!


  1. I don't watch Arrow regularly so I really can't say much for the characterizations. But the Flash is my favorite show on television. I think most of the characters are solid and there's a good blend of goofy Silver Age stuff with medium-level drama. I liked the Atom's character on that one crossover, though! Looking forward to Legends of Tomorrow for sure (since it is coming...tomorrow.)

    1. ....i give you a pat on the back for that lame tomorrow pun good sir! :D

    2. Flash is my favorite as well...though I haven't watched it since ep 6! I would love to say things like "I don't have the time" or "I don't watch television", but I can't. I'm lazy and my Wife is always watching such hits as Hoarders (on right now), cops and Dr. Phil.