Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Injustice: Year Four #6 Review

Written by: Brian Buccellato
Art by: Bruno Rodondo, Juan Albarran and Rex Lokus
Cover Price: $0.99
Release Date: June 9, 2015

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Injustice Year Four has had it's ups and downs and unfortunately, the downs have been the last two issues.  It has't had that Injustice feel that has made this one of my favorite books for all this time and it's mainly been the characterization that has hurt it.  Superman seems too evil, Batman too scared and Harley Quinn too crazy.  That last one may seem funny to some, but it sums up my problems with this Year.  Everything has been played for effect and it all has come off as forced.  I can thankfully tell you that this issue starts the healing process.  It is better, but is that enough to get me excited for this series again?  Let's find out...

The issue starts with Damian Wayne taking out his frustrations on some sparring equipment.  Why is he upset?  He has a lot of reasons, but right now he is very angry that Renee Montoya beat him up.  I don't know what to think of this opening.  It's not that it's "Too Soon", I just don't know what Buccellato was going for...sympathy, anger, disgust?  Since Damian hasn't been in the series very much, I felt nothing.  I did like Flash and Cyborg's attempts to bond with the little (angry) fella, however.

We then get to the meat of the issue.  Hermes, Artemis and a hefty amount of Amazonian warriors have showed up for a little meet and great with Superman.  Of course, Wonder Woman is taken aback and wants some answers...like where her mother is.  Que a flashback that continues showing Hera's behind the scenes dealings, but this time she is dealing out demands.  Buccellato did a nice job leading to this issue and how personal it is for Wonder Woman.

I was really hoping for a giant throw down, but instead Buccellato gives us a crazy Mexican standoff. When I say that everyone showed up for the party, I mean everyone...including Batman.  Yep, he makes it very clear that he didn't take Superman's warning to not don the cowl to heart and the War is back on.  Like there was ever a doubt that wasn't going to happen, right?

There is no disguising this issue.  It was setup through and through.  That's not a bad thing if it's setting up something good and I really like what Buccellato is giving us with the Themyscira army and what that means to Wonder Woman.  Plus, the cliffhanger promises a beat-em up issue next week...or a bunch of characters standing around, yelling at each other.  I'll take the beat-em up, please.  Overall, I'll take some cool setup over what we've been getting lately.

I am a Bruno Redondo fan and while I haven't been thrilled with his Harley, this issue looks great from cover to cover.  What made me most happy, though, is the little we see of Harley looks really good as well.

Bits and Pieces:

While this issue didn't blow me away, what it sets up is a step in the right direction.  Brian Buccellato is setting up a battle on a massive scale and Bruno Redondo makes everything look amazing.  There is still room for improvement, but I'm glad to be excited about Injustice again.


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