Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles: Episode #1 "Twisted" Review


The first of the three animated shorts based in the Justice League: Gods and Monsters universe was recently released on Machinima's YouTube Channel. This universe, and yes its a universe due to how much is being put into it,  has been intriguing me since the moment it was first announced. However, in my intrigue, a few questions came up that could tear enjoyment from the universe. Questions like, "Could Bruce Timm (the legendary mind behind the DC animated universe) really work his magic again," or "Could a darker Justice League be pulled off without it drawing influence from predecessors(Justice Lords and Injustice Regime)," filled my mind. After watching this though, I have begun to push questions like that out of my mind.

This first short is about this Universe's Batman. This Batman is not the Bruce Wayne that the world knows, but Kirk Langstrom, AKA Man-Bat. In this universe, he has become a vampiric vigilante, rather than the more(or less considering the morals) monstrous being most comic readers are acquainted with. He spends his nights as most Batmen do; swoop across Gotham, stopping crime. Tonight he has followed clues to the location of a true psychopath; Harley Quinn, who for all intents and purposes is the equivalent to the Joker. When he finds the hide out, he gets to work...but not in the way you'd expect a Batman to do...but his own special way....

I really liked the tone this short set for the world! The setting of the world gave me the creeps in the best possible way. It wants to remind you that, "This is not the DCAU," so it shows this the one way it can; kick the dark up to 11! Some of this imagery we see in the short made me thankful my kid brother wasn't watching. Thanks to the tone, the characters were so much more dark and violent, yet still gave off the familiarity. Despite it being Harley, you see the Joker in her actions and physique. The same goes for Batman, not revealing his "new skills" until the end of the short. Similar design, just different materials.

In the end, this short was meant to give a small taste of the world that is coming, which is a tad depressing as when it was over, I was left with wanting to see more. Well just need to wait for the next one which should appear tomorrow!

What did you think of the first look into Justice League: Gods and Monsters? Leave a comment, and if you want to see the next short, head over to the Machinima YouTube channel by clicking HERE

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  1. I loved this short! And yeah I saw it with my little brother since he has already seen batman v Dracula and nothing could ever top that blood bank scene...