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Top 5 Fridays: Heroes I Want To See In Justice League: Gods and Monsters Season 2

This week, Machinima has been releasing the shorts for the Justice League: Gods and Monsters. After watching the trilogy, I can safely say that the world of Gods and Monsters is a nice new addition to the multiverse of DC's media, but also worthy of the season 2 its been renewed for. For season 2, there will be 10 new shorts set in the universe, and this weird scientist hopes that we get some more members to the league! What other darker morally grey heroes march in the universe Bruce Timm concocted? With that in mind, let us dive right in to what I think could be fantastic choices for the world!

5: Cyborg
In Superman's short, Dr.Sivana said that Brainiac was created in an attempt to keep Superman in check. We saw what happened with the plan, so one would think it would be time for a back up plan. Why not create a Man of Steel to fight a Man of Steel. Enter Dr. John Henry Irons, who complies to become one of the first Cyborg Super Soldiers to combat the Alien. Armed with a cannon that is powered by Red Solar energy, he is America's greatest hero and America's greatest weapon against Superman.

As we have seen in alternate versions of Cyborg, he is built like a freaking tank. Flashpoint Cyborg stood a little more than 2 feet taller than the 6 foot even Batman, with a cannon arm that took down tanks. It would make perfect sense he would be used as a weapon against Superman. This could be a combination between the obvious Cyborg, Steel (so there's a chance of a team up), Metallo (now with Red Sun energy rather than kryptonite) and still have it make sense in the world!

4: Commissioner Gordon

To those who didn't know, this isn't the first time Batman has been a vampire. In the 90's there was a trilogy of graphic novels that told the story of Batman fighting Dracula, becoming a vampire, and eventually killing everyone in the cast. During the second novel, many GCPD detectives put down their guns, and picked up some holy water and stakes to become Vampire Hunters!

With Mr. Langstrom going full vampire, it would make sense for the GCPD to do the same in the Gods and Monsters universe. Commissioner Gordon would probably take point in such affairs, using any and all techniques to kill the vampiric menace. I am picturing him as if he learned from Van Helsing himself. Perhaps there's some garlic in his cigarettes, so he has a thin layer of "garlic" smoke on him, or have a special stake launcher created to take down the Darker Knight. This would make him a larger threat towards the new Batman, but could also play a major opposing rival/enemy. Both fight for justice, but can barely trust one another.

3: Shazam

Shazam in a darker tone could easily just become Black Adam, which then would spiral out of control to become the villain we know him to be. So we need to pick a character who walks that line of the morally gray to give the powers of Shazam to. Despite my absolute hate for him, that character would have to be John Constantine. With his knowledge of magic, he's be a threat to the world. That's when the wizard grants him the powers of Shazam, which in the world of Gods and Monsters actually comes with a price. The powers will force him to protect humanity, no matter what. If he tries to use the powers for his own means, the magic will begin to tear him apart from the inside, just like when the prime Constantine stole Shazam's powers.

I might just want to see Constantine suffer a bit more, but it could throw a curveball into the mix with Dr. Sivana, now with funding of the government, to challenge the Mightiest Mortal. He is in a position of power, and could convince President Waller that Shazam cannot be trusted. So in the end it could become Shazam vs. The Government's greatest weapons...and I want to see that.

2: Green Lantern

One could argue that Hal Jordan is in the universe already as the pilot on his way to nuke Metropolis in Superman's short. One could argue that Abin Sur could end up on earth, and the ring could end up finding Hal Jordan. At this point of the story, I always wonder, "Why him?" What defines a man's willpower? Is it to overcome great fear? Give it to Batman then. Will to fight back? Give it to Superman? I actually believe it would be better  on this Earth to see the ring as the will to survive. There is no greater survivor on the planet than Oliver Queen.

What if instead of the desert, Abin Sur crash landed in the ocean, causing the Queen's Gambit to sink and marooning Oliver and wounding Abin...The lantern could have sunk to the bottom of the ocean, so no charge when the ring dies. Oliver has to survive not just for one, but two people. Eventually Abin dies of his wounds and the ring would go to the one man who has the Will to survive, Oliver Queen. The ring would take him to Oa where he will get more training, only to return to his city, as an amalgamation of the Lantern and Arrow, with that brutal will to survive along with it.

1: The Flash

I consider the Flash one of the, if not THE, most important member to the Justice League. He is usually the one who can pull them together with a quick joke and a confident smile. Of all the characters, this one has always been a difficult one to turn into a villain. We've had darker versions of the character, sacrificing the comedy for some more brooding, but none of them actually worked alongside a Justice League. The character could actually be dark, but also have some comedy to keep the time together.  He is also an important member to the multiverse itself. As shown in the Multiversity series, there is/was a speedster for every earth so they can tap into the others. Without a Flash, they would be left alone.

You probably have noticed by now that I have created backstories for the other people on this list. This one I feel should be an enigma. A mystery that we might never learn the answer to. Is he a Thawne who wants to save the past from a dark depressing future? A Rogue who wants to redeem himself? A variety of possibilities that could all a Flash...yes I hate myself for that pun too.

That's it for the top 5 this week! Who do you want to see in the next season of Justice League: Gods and Monsters? Leave a comment and i'll see you next week!

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