Thursday, July 9, 2015

All-Star Section Eight #2 Review

Written by: Garth Ennis
Art by: John McCrea and John Kalisz
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: June 9, 2015


Without any prior knowledge of Section Eight, last months premiere issue floored me.  I loved it in the way that I used to love Mad Magazine as a wee lad and the rude and crude humor hit home with this forty something going on ten year old.  It isn't a book for everyone, but it was definitely for me.  Watching Garth Ennis skewer the Dark Knight had me laughing out loud and as a man without a soul, that is something I rarely do.  John McRae's art added to the gritty, dick joke come to life story and in the end, I had my surprise favorite of the DC You.  This month, Six Pack and the team focus on the Green Lantern Corps and I couldn't wait for another funny and highly inappropriate issue to make me laugh and wince.  Well, did it?  Let's find out...

The issue opens with a short but sweet origin story for Dogwelder.  It actually ends right at the crucial part, but I liked seeing a little background for one of DC Comics craziest characters.
Thankfully, the rest of Section Eight are just as good.

I don't think it will shock anyone when we get to the team and they are all partaking in some alcoholic beverages.  Speaking of alcoholic, Six Pack is ten sheets to the wind when he sees Hal Jordan of the Television and gets it in his mind that they need Green Lantern as the eighth member of Section Eight.  Sounds right.

The problem is, how to get his attention.  After some great Grapplah action and one of the most sexually disgusting and inappropriate scenes thanks to Bueno Excellente, Six Pack hatches a plan. They head to the roof, recite the GL Oath and wait...and wait... To make things more realistic, they dress Guts up in a Slutty Vampire/Star Sapphire costume and pretend to fight a battle.  It's ridiculous, but again, it made me laugh and again, it didn't work.

After Bueno is caught pepping on Guts by a mysterious visitor, Six Pack eventually comes face to face with Hal Jordan.  The look on Hal's face is priceless and he flips out and gets out of dodge quick. The big joke here is that he won't be a Kyle Rayner and if you don't know what that's all about, go HERE.  I know that all this is in poor taste, but I don't care, it's hilarious!  They still don't have an eighth member, but I don't care because I'm having too much fun.

Okay, I'm sure some reviewers out there in review land will pick this issue apart as not having enough plot or even being to crude.  Well, they're all stupid faces!  I love it.  It is so different from any book that DC has on the shelves nowadays and in a time when they appear to be forcing kid friendly fare into too many books, Section Eight is a breath of foul smelling, obscenity laced, sexually deviant air.

John McCrea's art is dirty, slimy and crude.  What I'm saying is, it fits this book so well.  It reminds me of Will Elder's work in Mad magazine and Playboy.

Bits and Pieces:

While this issue is lite on story, it's heavy on laughs.  Whether it's Six Pack and his crazy plans or Bueno Excellente being a perv, I really enjoy this book.  I would never want to hang out with any of these guys (except maybe the Grapplah), but I love dropping in on them once a month.


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