Friday, July 10, 2015

Top 5 Fridays: DC Videogames That Should Happen

Welcome to another edition of Top 5 Fridays. I've had a lot of fun with Batman Arkham Knight and while talking to a friend, a topic came up.  What DC game should come next?  Well this week's list is going to be what DC video games I believe should happen!  As usual, this is my list so I apologize to anyone who doesn't like my thoughts. Enough of the nonsense LETS BEGIN!

5: Batman: Arkham BEYOND

I know that Rocksteady has said that the Arkham Knight game would mark the end of the Arkham trilogy of games, but if there can be a prologue (two if you count the movie), there can be an epilogue!
We know something is still protecting Gotham (if you haven't seen my thoughts on it, click HERE ), and eventually it will fall and need someone new to protect it; enter Batman Beyond, who has become a real staple to Batman fans around the globe.
I can picture the game opening up as Bruce (or whoever wears the cowl) as the Dark Knight Returns Batman, breaking into Powers Corp. to steal the designs of a super soldier suit, as he can no longer FUND a batman beyond suit. From there, you team up the two future Batmen to train the new Batman while combating the new criminals of Neo Gotham.  This would be the perfect way to end the Arkham games for good AND give Batman Beyond the love he deserves.

4: Injustice 2

There's a very good reason why this one is so high on the list...We all know its going to get made.  Injustice is DC's most popular digital comic, and still has a loyal fan base for both the console and mobile games. NetherRealm isn't dumb and neither is DC, so its obvious they are going to make a comeback even better than the first.
The story for the next game should only take place on the Injustice Earth and should bring in some of the heaviest hitters in the DC universe: The New Gods, the other Lantern Corps, bring back Trigon and Mxyzptlk.  There are so many more epic fights and stages that could be added to make this a battle for the universe as a whole.
If I had to make one change to the story, I'd say to bring back some of the big hitters they decided to kill off during the comic run. Think of interesting ways they have survived and make the war this game deserves!

3: Suicide Squad

Think back to the end of the two Arkham Origins games. In both those games, we see that Amanda Waller was already preparing to do her thing and create the Squad. In 2014, the brilliant minds behind the DC animated movies made an Arkham movie with the Squad as the main characters.  For Lego Batman 3 there's a Squad pack and not to mention the live action movie coming out later next year...the point i'm trying to make?  MAKE A SUICIDE SQUAD GAME!
This team is becoming more and more popular and I believe they can have their own game without needing that bat-fame.  I imagine it could be like the old Sly Cooper games where each member has their own special skill set and each level helps set up an end level heist.  The team would require a stealthy field commander (Deadshot), a distraction (Harley), Muscle (King Shark or Killer Croc) just to start, but then they could add members you can switch out for other missions such as Daniel West Reverse Flash or Killer Frost.  This could be an awesome action game where you design the ultimate Squad.

2: Superman

There have been Superman games in the past, but they've usually end up being either boring or just plain broken.  I can see how it can be difficult making an action game with actual challenge and merit to a man who has impenetrable skin and powers that could decimate a city.  I believe that it is entirely possible to make one in a few simple changes.
Firstly have a villain who can actually hurt him without the need of kryptonite, magic or red sunlight.  Superman has been beaten into submission through sheer force before, prime example being Doomsday.  Make it a group of villains who can beat him down; Zod and Kryptonians, Luthor and super soldiers etc.  When he does get beaten down, have the game over screen just have him fly off above the clouds to recharge from the sun.
Second is don't be afraid of making it an open world game.  Metropolis is huge, even bigger than Gotham and we never have seen it really fleshed out as much.  Now would be the perfect time to flesh it out and split it up to give it a chance to shine...only to have you fly into buildings because THAT has to be in to make a Superman game.  I could go on and on, but we still need to get to...

1: Wonder Woman

How has there never been a Wonder Woman game?  She fights mythological monsters, faces down gods and has some of the most iconic weaponry in comic history.  Is it because she's too powerful like Superman or because DC doesn't feel she will sell well?  Both questions are pointless reasons not to!  Wonder Woman is a tough contender, but she does not have impenetrable skin and if DC thinks that one of their big three aren't going to sell well, then they need to have a bit more confidence.
Though I can't imagine her game being an open world game, I picture it being like an action-adventure, perhaps like God of War in gameplay but it doesn't need to be mythological characters 100% of the time.  This could also be the perfect way to not only show off Wonder Woman as a good character, but also her villains too!  It doesn't have to be Ares! throw in Cheetah, Baroness Paula Von Gunther, THE FIRST BORN!  These villains all have support behind them both magical and mortal, but are also the perfect villains for video games.
It's time for the Amazing Amazon to have her day in the virtual sun!

That's it for this weeks top 5!  What DC video game do you want to see next?  Leave a comment and I'll see you all next time!


  1. I can't say I would be that eager to see another Arkham game. The ending was satisfying, and anything after would feel a bit like an afterthought.

    How the heck would you work Trigon and Mxyzplk into Injustice 2? Their way to broken. ^^;
    Id love to see the new gods and lantern corps come into play though.

    As for a Suicide Squad game, I think such a thing needs high stakes in play. Don't necessarily make it so you can simply keep going with an ever growing roster. Implement a feature that makes it so if a character dies on the field, you have lost that member of the squad for good. Toss in an auto save feature so that there are consequences, and make people really bust their rumps to get through those missions without heavy casualties.

    Superman and Metropolis are an odd thing to make into a game. Supermans simply far to powerful, and games were casualties are an issue is difficult to pull off. Perhaps if they used the current take of him back at his golden age powerset it would be easier...Make it so that he was depowered and is slowly regaining his powers as the game goes on, but with the city being steadily attacked meaning he cant just sit and wait for all his powers without the city being left in ruins...
    Would be neat if they could somehow work in the dozen or so other heroes that operate outta Metropolis. Steel, Guardian, Booster Gold, Krypto....

    Wonder Woman is such an obvious thing im shocked to realized that there never was a Wonder Woman game. It would probably work best as a a more story driven game with chapters. Or one with selectable missions that you could go back and redo to find things.
    With her skillset, it would be a pretty fun game.

    As for a game id wanna see, im hankering for something involving Rip Hunter or Booster traveling through time. Teaming up with the Justice Society and beating up nazis, beating up baddies trying to steal baby superman, teaming up with terry and zipping over to the 30th century for some good old fashioned new god throwdowns...
    A time travel game that just plays around with the timeline would be alot of fun.

    1. I like the sound of the Booster Gold game. Do something similar to Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, and you have me sold.

      While I'm here... should I spruik? Yes, I think I shall;

    2. I'd love that too and love ur page

    3. btw...I added you to our blog roll.

  2. For Superman, I've always thought that Morrison's run on Action Comics would make an awesome game.

    When I think about characters in games, I think about story arcs that I'd like to see. Rotworld, for example, would work great on a handheld console with two versions of the game (Red Kingdom and Green Kingdom) that interact with each other.

    I'd also kill to see Aquaman done right in a game. Geoff Johns' run would be a great template to use; Arthur jetsets around the world looking for lost relics.

    I also think a Flash game would be great. The made one for the Game Boy Advance, and it was okay, so it's absolutely possible.

    Green Lantern with an Okami-like battle system? I'd play the hell out of that.

    Teen Titans; an team-based action game that allows you to switch between characters to execute combos.

    1. You know whats kind of funny...there is a game like rot world...its called Plants vs Zombies XD
      but seriously i can kinda picture it as a resident evil esque horror game

      i can picture a GL game like that, as well as teen titans.

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