Saturday, August 15, 2015

Gotham Academy #9 Review

Written by: Becky Cloonan and Brenden Fletcher
Art by: Karl Kerschl, Serge Lapointe and Msassyk
Cover Price: $2.99

*Spoilers below, no spoilers at the bottom along with the score*

Calamity Strikes!

After the previous issue was more set up than story, this issue picks the story up from there and completely runs with it. This issue opens with Olive wandering the woods analyzing the note she had received last issue. Then the Detective club finds her and begin to investigate the monster that has been terrorizing campus. That is right kids, it is time to get into the Mystery Machine van for some Scooby-Doo adventures. 

Actually, it's not a van, it is a Monte Carlo. As Colton has an RV with a computer that can analyze monster DNA to determine it is Lichen hairs and whatnot. Later you see the Detective club comes up with a plan to capture their werewolf. Olive visits Tristian to make sure he is okay, but is cut off short when the werewolf bursts through the window for some REVENGE. The Detective club has to improvise and Colton tranquilizes him with wolf antidote like a badass.

The story in this book was really well written, all the characters felt natural and the pacing was not rushed. The part of the story with the werewolf was good, but in the great words of Jim Werner, the meat and cheese of this book was the story behind Olive. Olive discovers a file telling her that she is under surveillance because her mother was a villain named Calamity? That is what it seems, but everything is a mystery in Gotham Academy so I am looking forward to Olives' arc. Another part i love about this is Olives' problem with the voice in her head, does she actually have one or is there someone actually following her and talking to her. It is a very sensitive topic that is starting to unfold and I cannot wait to see it unfold.

The art in this book is still absolutely amazing. Karl Kerschl is still the perfect fit for this book and fits the tone. I have always adored the colors in this book, it is always so vibrant. This book looks like a high quality cartoon, it is just great.

Bits and pieces:
This issue is the start of uncovering some of the mysteries surrounding one of our major characters, but at the same time has a concurrent story that features all the characters and their charming personalities. We have all creative forces at the top of their game that is leaving me wanting more of this story. This is one of the best issues of the series yet.



  1. I swear it looks like some of the panels are taken straight from a cartoon. In fact, this probably should have been a cartoon.