Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Starfire #2 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti
Art By: Emanuela Lupacchino, Ray McCarthy, Hi-Fi

Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: July 8, 2015

Weathering The Storm

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

The hurricane has come and the people of Key West had no time to evacuate their homes.  Hopefully an alien Princess, who recently made herself a resident is up to the task of saving them.  That's right, with Starfire's new series, she's moved down to Florida, began getting her life together and as anybody knows who has ever had to do it....... Moving in a storm is the worst.  Let's see if Kori can weather the storm and hopefully make a life for herself in her new community...... If there's any community left by the end.  Let's check it out.

Explain It!:

While I was hoping from last issue's cliffhanger, where Starfire stared out towards the ocean saying "X'Hal" to herself that it would be some monumental epicness......... Instead, it's simply the hurricane hitting land.  Now people might go and say that nature itself is that epic thing that I was hoping for and that no mere villain or monster could hold a candle to the sight of a gigantic hurricane coming in............. but maybe I'm just a dummy because..... I wanted a big monster.  Anyway, the majority of this book is all about saving folks and I'm not just talking about Starfire.  No, we also see Sheriff Stella Gomez's brother Sol is all about saving folks too....... you know since he's in the Coast Guard and has himself a death wish since he lost his girlfriend/wife two years prior.  So with Sol out in the water trying to play super hero, we have Kori flying around, saving anyone she can as she gets beat down by the wind coming in from the hurricane.  Key West is not the place to be right now.

While everyone is either out in the storm doing the saving thing or hunkered down trying to weather it out........ I get my big monster.  Yeah, it's not the massive thing that I expected from last issue's cliffhanger, but it's pretty damn frightening.  Does anyone remember the movie "The Gate"?  Well, this is kind of like that.......... well, at least to me it is.  We have ourselves a big hole in the ground and after a guy falls and or gets pulled in, we have what I'm calling "The Sacrifice" and it seems that the offer is accepted because a lightning bolt shoots down into the hole and when the smoke clears, we have a monster.......... You guys should totally go and watch "The Gate" now and really, our monster might have gone and done that too because after surfacing from the hole, it talked about getting "her" skull for his master and then disappeared for the rest of the issue........ totally watching "The Gate".

Our issue ends with Stella Gomez finding Starfire during her marathon of saving folks and has her go out in the ocean to rescue her death wish having brother, but Sol isn't about to let Starfire pull him from the boat he's trying to rescue without taking the other people first.  What that means for us is, when Starfire finally gets back to Sol, she's too warn out to fly them back and takes them to a closer National Park instead.  After she resuscitates Sol......he was in bad shape, he finds himself a little awe struck of this beautiful alien princess that saved him...... and really who can blame him?  So the hurricane has passed, but Starfire finds herself without a place to live now and as our issue closes it looks like that might be the least of her problems as she sees the footprints of the monster that is now watching "The Gate".

That's it for this issue of Starfire and while I love the art, the story isn't exactly engaging for me.  Starfire continues to be frustratingly naive, which some might say is perfect for her, but to me it plays too much like her Teen Titans Go counterpart and her trying to make a new life for herself is like a series of unfortunate events.  First we get a hurricane and now we have a terrible monster that looks like it might have surfaced where her trailer once stood.  I know we're talking about a superhero comic and these books tend to move by what the threat of the day is, but it just seems too soon for me.  Maybe that's just me though.  I do look forward to seeing more of Sheriff Stella Gomez and her death wish having brother Sol because right now, they just come off as good people and call me a sap, but I dig having good people surrounding my heroes.  Like I said though, the art in this book is amazing and the colors are just perfect on it.  Hopefully in the issues that follow, I'll be able to get a clearer sense of what the overall story of this series will be because as of right now, I'm not exactly sure where it's going.

Bits and Pieces:

While I can't say that I didn't like this issue, I still find it a bit hard to get into this series due to Starfire's gigantic shift towards being a complete oblivious alien.  It just feels so odd because it's written as if she's never interacted with humans before in her life, yet I find myself caring about the humans that she is interacting with........ So yeah, it's a bit weird for me.  The art continues to be great and I find myself so happy that Emanuela Lupacchino is on this book.  Hopefully in further issues I can get a clear idea of what this series is going to be because right now, I don't have any strong feelings towards it.


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