Sunday, August 9, 2015

Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Episode 31

Episode 31: With fewer books to talk about, Jim and Eric keep it under three hours.  Eric shows his excitement that Charles Band follows him on Twitter and Jim gets upset at a listener mail making fun of his voice.  They also talk about all the DC Comics that came out this week, discuss the news, read listener mail and bitch and moan.  Reggie's Recklessness features his opinions on the Killing Joke and Ryan reviews This Damned Band #1.  Dan got food poisoning so there is no Geek News this week, but Jim threatens to do it Dan.

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DC Comic Books Reviewed:
Detective Comics #43, Green Lantern #43, Midnighter #3, This Damned Band #1, Batman Beyond #3, Omega Men #3, Injustice: Year Four #14, DC Comics: Bombshells #3, Batman: Arkham Knight #24, Bat-Mite #3 and Lobo #9

DC Comic News:
Wally West cast in Flash, Hawkman cast in Arrow/Flash, Scooty McNairy is Jimmy Olsen, Supergirl casts Lucy Lane, Legends of Tomorrow casts Vandal Savage, Stephen Amell will wrestle Stardust, July Top Ten Comic Book Sales, Charles Band loves Eric

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