Thursday, November 5, 2015

Bat-Mite #6 Review and *SPOILERS*

They Mite Be Giants

Written By: Dan Jurgens
Art By: Corin Howell, Andres Ponce, Mike Atiyeh, Tom Napolitano
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: November 4, 2015

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

It's the end of our mite-y six issue mini and that means it's time to quit fixing heroes and finally put an end to Gridlock's nefarious schemes....... or really, it means whatever the hell the creators want it to mean because this is Bat-Mite and it doesn't matter where we start or end as long as it's fun and irrelevant.  There's been ups and down to this mini, but for the most part it's been a fun ride and I really enjoyed seeing Bat-Mite get into some trouble, while also mixing it up with some of my favorite heroes.  Let's see if we have as much fun now that the heroes are done and it's Mite Vs. Gridlock.  Let's check it out.

Explain It!:

Our issue begins with Reagan getting the business from her boss, who I guess is trying to divert all the blame away from him because the leaders of America are pissed beyond belief at the trouble that Bat-Mite is causing.  It's one of those shit runs down hill type situations and even though Reagan's boss wanted her to keep Bat-Mite close so she could put together a file on him, her job is now on the line if she can't wrangle in this 5th Dimensional terror........ which might be a problem because Bat-Mite can't stop fixing things...... like turning the Washington Monument into a Aquaman water slide, the Grand Canyon into a Green Lantern themed roller coaster, the Statue of Liberty into Wonder Woman and turning Mount Rushmore into a monument to the Bat-Family.......where he put himself first of course.  It's all fun and games and even though it's not very patriotic to say, I wouldn't mind living in this world because who doesn't want a bunch of superhero themed monuments?  Well, probably no one, but I'd still go on a Griswold style road trip to see them all.

 On top of all that, Bat-Mite is doing something that I'm not too particularly fond of and actually playing around with politicians for the next Presidential Elections and while some may feel that it's a good old fashioned poke in the ribs to candidates, it's a little too real for me and I kind of spaced out until we got to the Gridlock stuff.

It seems that while Gridlock was busy trying to put the world on hold so that he could have things the way he likes them and never change........which sounds amazing and I'm still on board the Gridlock trolley, he was also working on his plan in a less super villain-y kind of way........ or depending on your point of view, possibly a more super villain-y kind of way.  It turns out that Gridlock is actually a Senator and he's running for re-election on his "keep America the way it is" campaign.  Well, Bat-Mite isn't going to stand for that and he confronts the Senator......... and gets gassed again.  After our Mite comes to, Gridlock explains that he's going to give him the ultimate end by allowing him to watch the lost Galaxy Trek Pilot before he puts him down.  Even though that sounds pretty sweet besides for the death part, Bat-Mite tells him if he unties him, he'll transport Gridlock to the fictional world of Galaxy Trek and let him live out his life....... which being an escapist myself, I'd totally go for it just like Gridlock.

In the end, Bat-Mite sends Gridlock to live out his days in the Galaxy Trek world, but before he could break out the RC Cola and Pinatas, he's found by the 5th Dimension's Sentry Silent and forced to say goodbye to Reagan and Weed so he can meet his destiny back home.  As the series ends, we find Bat-Mite back in front of the tribunal, but instead of the execution they seemed really in favor of before, they decide that Bat-Mite is of better use to them alive because this ominous tribunal is actually The Justice Mites of America and a new threat has reared it's ugly head and this League will need all the help they can get to take on the dreaded...........Canceltron!  Even though our issue closes by saying "DEFINITELY NOT THE END", this is the final issue to the mini and the end of Bat-Mite's quest of fixing our heroes.

That's it for this issue and series of Bat-Mite and all in all I had a good time, but after getting used to the Dark Mite fixing heroes and causing a general ruckus in the world that they encompass, I was a little let down that we moved away from that premise and went more into the political satire domain.  Now, a lot of people dig political satire and I'm sure the majority of readers won't mind this diversion in the story, but politics make me sad and even though I might come off as a bit of an idiot because of that statement, I'm still going going with it.  Even though I did love seeing a Justice Mites of America team at the end, I felt like we could have had a little more to the story and maybe even had Bat-Mite live up to what his people expect from him, even if it was only temporary.  All in all though, Bat-Mite saved the day........ and possibly America and I had a decent enough time seeing him do it.  As always from this series, the art was great and I'm seriously going to miss seeing Corin Howell's style and really, the entire art team that brought this series to life.

Bits and Pieces:

Bat-Mite is gone from our comic book shelves, but not from our hearts as we end this mini and even though some of the humor was hit or miss at times, I still had a good time with this series and this finale.  It's just one of those "funny" books that you could pick up and have a larf  with and not have to worry about any of that bothersome continuity.  Really, I just love looking at this book because the art team from beginning to end has been fantastic and all in all, I had a fun time with this mini-series and I think anyone would.



  1. This was an okay book, but I always wanted more from it--more laughs, mainly. I understand why Jurgens gave Bat-Mite human tethers to this dimension but the comic book never did anything with 'em. Oh well, the art was good and it did make me think a Bat-Mite cartoon could be cool. Just one that is, you know, funny.

  2. Getting ready to crack open this issue but I just wanted to say "this cover freaking rocks"!

  3. This is issue made me think of the Batman roller coaster at Six Flags, such a cool ride. Maybe Bat-Mite will get his own amusement ride or another series.

    1. I never rode the Batman rollercoaster, but I did see the Batman stunt show when that first opened in 92 and I thought the whole thing was awesome and would love to see it again.

    2. Stunt show where?? The Batman roller coaster was my first where the floor drops out from under you when the ride starts, thought it was so cool! Waiting in line wasn't that bad due to all of the Batman stuff around.

    3. It was at Six Flags, I think it's been shut down for awhile though now. The one I went to was set up in the middle of a big water tank like at Sea World and they had Ace Chemicals set up in the middle. Batman came out on the Bat Boat and awesome stunts and explosions commenced. They changed it up over the years I heard before finally shutting it down.

  4. Makes me want to hit Cedar Point. How far is that for you guys?? Maybe a Weird Science get together next summer at the Point!

    1. That would be about 8 hours.......... nope

    2. I went to Cedar Point way, way back and it was awesome!

    3. Put Eric in the car and let's do it! Fill the glove compartment with cigs and promise him an Imaginext toy when you get back. No way he passes that up.