Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Justice League 3001 #5 Review

Dark Knights

Written by: J.M. DeMatteis and Keith Giffen
Art by: Howard Porter, Hi-FI and Rob Leigh
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: October 28, 2015

I don't know about you, but it feels like so long since I read the last issue of Justice League 3001. While it was an odd issue dealing mainly with Flash (Teri version) and Mirror Master, I enjoyed it for the same reason I enjoy this book in general...a quick, fun story with great art (this one by fill-in Scott Kolins) that didn't move mountains, but made me smile.  At the end of the day, that's why this book is one of my favorites and why I look forward to it each and every month.  I may be a miserable old man, but sometimes it's nice to smile.  Did I do that after reading this issue?  Let's find out...

The issue starts off with my all-time favorite version of the Odd Couple...Guy (Don't call me Gal) Gardner and the Starro Consciousness.  Their quick scene made me want more, but the best part is that while I would have pegged Guy and Oscar, his feminine side is quickly turning him into a Felix...much to his chagrin!  What's a very old cloned male superhero with a reemerging female host body to do?  Go to Cadmusworld, of course.

On Cadmusworld, Guy talks to Firestorm and finds out it's all about psychic bleed-through with his host.  I don't care how weird that science is, it is a golden ticket to hilarity, especially when Firestorm admits it's because Guy's resurrection was done on the cheap.  The scene ends with Firestorm promising to make things right with Guy and an almost upsetting look at what Terry Magnus has been up to lately.  Almost.

Pretty good opener except for one thing, I love Guy just the way he is.  I have a feeling that nothing will change and even hope it gets worse, but I am still worried Firestorm will make good on his promise.  Don't do it!

It's then off to Takron-Galtos to catch up with Fire, Ice and Turtle Olsen.  It's mainly an excuse for the reader to get a better look at Area 13 and Magog fans to see Miasma. I hope that DeMatteis and Giffen give us a peek at some of those Marvel analogs locked up there.

This all leads to the best part of the issue...Batman.  Not the one we've been dealing with since the beginning of Justice League 3000, but the blood thirsty, killer version that has been terrorizing villains on the prison planet.  Supergirl has made a Bat Signal (at the demands of our Batman) and it does the job...the giant mecha Batman arrives and goes face-to-face with it's namesake.

I have to pause here to praise my favorite artist, Howard Porter.  He is leaving this book and I am so sad because of pages like these.  The full page of the Batmen and Supergirl is awesome.

The story continues by showing the power of stories.  This mecha Batman has been inspired by the Batman lore passed down through the ages and if this book has shown us anything, it's that ancient lore is a bit like the game "Whisper Down the Lane".  Instead of fighting Batman, however, it sets it's sights on Supergirl and gets it's ass handed to it.  That's when we get to see the man behind the curtain, but here it's a cockpit and a little girl.

The issue ends with Superman finding out the evil truth of Lois/Ariel, Lois visiting Bane and her other body and an awesome character wanting to play with Batman.  I won't spoil it, but I am 3 for 5 now on my Top Five List (HERE).

As usual, I enjoyed this issue.  While it was setup heavy, I really enjoyed what DeMatteis and Giffen are setting up and can't wait to see the inevitable clash between Lois' Injustice League and the ragtag Justice League of the title.

I already mentioned it but Howard Porter is incredible and when he gets together with Hi-Fi, magic happens.  Porter gives this book a uniquely futuristic look unlike any book on the shelves today.  I will miss Howard when he leaves (but already love him on Superman, so at least I have that!)

Bits and Pieces:

Gal Gardner, Miasma and a Robo Batman I don't hate all put a smile on my face and there was even more.  The (very open) mystery of Ariel/Lois is about to be busted wide open just as another fan favorite character has entered the fray.  This issue was fast paced fun with great art and a kick ass multiple cliffhanger.  While this issue may not win new fans, those smart enough to already be on the trolley should enjoy it.  I did.


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  1. You were actually only 2 for 5. Wait who was at the end of the issue... Oh right THAT guy. Never mind you are correct, 3 for 5 nice work. JL 3001/3000 is such a great series!